Airtel’s bold decision: Data for the lowest price than other telecom companies ..!

Bharti Airtel, which has the largest number of users in the Indian telecom world, has taken a bold decision. Thus, the telecom market is set to make its data price low. It is said that it reduced its one GB data rate lower than Jio.

All telecom companies have added data-voice calling to their customers while announcing plans for a higher amount.So Airtel concentrating on only data. Airtel giving 1GB data for less than 50rs. This will provide a better service for its customers. Unlike other telecom companies.

Three GB High-Speed Data For Rs 157

Airtel giving three GB of high-speed data for just Rs 157. Here, consumers will have to pay per GB of data less than 50 Rs. if not consider tax.

Offer available in My Airtel app

Airtel is working on delivering this new offer to its customers in My Airtel App. You will find this offer under ‘Special Offer for You’.

There is one more plan

Airtel offers up to one GB of high-speed data per day for just 49Rs. Those who need only one day plan they can use this plan.

The strategy to attract people

Airtel is trying to attract more people by providing data at a lower price. It has come to the conclusion that other companies are in big trouble.

You can download from here – My Airtel

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