Do not delete SMS that comes from your bank …!

It is a matter of knowing all bank customers in the country. Do not delete SMS that comes from the bank. Be careful you will lose your money on account of the mistake you make.

The most recent online exchange of money in the country is trickery. Many fraud cases have been registered. People have fake calls and messages in the name of RBI. It is an irritation for the people and cyber cell. The Reserve Bank of India has taken a big step in this regard.

The bank sends an SMS to the people. This SMS contains information related to RBI. A message is sent under the name of RBI Speaking. This is to try to prevent fraud in the name of RBI.

The helpline number8691960000 is attached to that SMS. A missed call to this number can determine fake call or not. This is not the first. In Future also RBI sends a message. But when you have RBI SMS you can read it properly before deleting.

The bank does not even ask for personal information, including your PIN card, ATM card. If there is a call for information like this then immediately call the RBI helpline.