Future smartphones do not have fingerprint

The Indian market, including the global market, has been making a lot of buzzing smartphones. Feature phones are not listening. With this background, new options are available on smartphones a day. In the same format, the smartphone fingerprint scanner has made a change in history.

   The Fingerprint Scanner cannot be installed at the back of the phone. full-screen display of smartphones already on the market. For this, the fingerprint scanner is the shaft. Fingerprint scanner technology has been developed that can be installed at the bottom of the front screen at this point.


Synaptic technology has been developed as a fitting set of fingerprint scanners at the bottom of the display. This allows fingerprint scanners to be found in the in-display. This will be the largest number of smartphones that will be produced in the future.

First Synaptics in Vivo

The China-based Vivo company is expected to launch the first smartphones with an in-display fingerprint scanner by Synaptics technology.

Faster than normal fingerprinter

The in-display fingerprint scanner that works with Synaptics technology is expected to work faster than the regular fingerprint scanning, with the latest model in-display fingerprint scanner available on all the smartphones.