Jio Christmas Gift: New Service for Million Users.

The Lions-owned Jio’s telecom market did not attract customers by simply providing data-free calls. Instead, the new route was shown to telecom companies by offering a new type of app services. And also customers.
Jio Cinema and Jio Live TV apps have gained a lot of popularity. And there was also a lot of downloads in the Play Store. Jio was able to offer these services to their customers for free. Jio has also given its users free channels and movies that are not seen in any other apps.

Web service from the app

Just a few days ago, the Jio Cinema gave the website for its users, allowing users to a new experience. It was quite a reputation.

Now Jio Tv’s turn

Jio has gained a lot of reputation as the Jio Cinema as website gained great response, now releasing
Jio Tv website.It allows millions of users to view JIo Live TV on the Web. This has shown another new possibility.

More than 550 channels

On Jio Live TV, users will be able to view more than 550 channels. There are no other live apps available for live TV service. There is no DTH so many channels on Internet TV’s cannot see.

HD service

Furthermore, Jio Live TV has enabled customers to view HD quality in the Web version. This will enable consumers to get their service on their smart TV.