Mobile display that never breaks..!! If it is broken heals itself…!!!

Have you ever heard about the smartphone display that never breaks and if it is broken heal itself ?! A group of scientists have discovered a polymer of glass resuscitation features, and they are planning to make a display without breaking the mobile display in the future.

In the next few years, the smartphone world will change, and today the smartphone will be able to solve the problem of display breaks. Scientists have joined hands with most of the mobile companies include Samsung.

In this technology, researchers have developed a distinctive glass that will completely disrupt itself, so what will be the technology in the future? How smart is this technology smartphone world? Learn in the sliders below. !!

Future Electronic World !!

Today, smartphones are facing problems with the display brakes that mobile phones are not getting compensated. Of the 10 smartphones out of the 7 smartphone displays breaking within the year, the scratch-free display has not yet been completed. So, scientists have come forward to make a smartphone display manufacturer who has never been broken.

What’s new technology?

Scientists from the University of California have developed a unique glass that completely heals itself. This glass power is suitable for use in electronic devices by flipping into it, so it is said to be suitable for smartphones and electronic devices.

The technology that heals itself

Science and Technology are constantly making new discoveries. A sophisticated macromolecule that has been developed in this technology has been linked to glass and healing the reproductive properties. The technology will soon be exploited by the display itself.

Japan is also developing. !!

Japanese researchers who have a tremendous power in the technology world have also found polymer properties of glass resuscitation,  the University of Tokyo researching chemistry without breaking your smartphone glass.

To market in 2019?

Samsung has emerged as one of the most developed developers in screen development. The Korean firm has ambitious plans in the coming years and can start implementing these displays in 2019. !!