New Google Map for Tourists

Google Maps are the greatest invention of all the time. Google map provides a better understanding of any travel destinations. What if we have another application which is better alternative to Google Maps? Yes. You heard it right.

You can see all the places you are looking for, wherever there is a good restaurant that is more accurate than a map and a huge discount for hotel bookings. So, what’s the app? What are the uses of this App?You will find below. !!

Google Trips App !!

If you have a Google Trips App on your mobile, your trip will be fine and will not be wrong. This app, which offers many services to travellers, tells you which of these destinations, hotel and restaurant are all about?

Collects all information. !!

The Google Trips App collects everything you need to keep track of hotel locations such as airports, train, bus travel information, car and hotel rooms synchronized with G-mail. You will never have a lack of information on the tour. !!

Great discount on hotels!

Users can find restaurants through the Google Trips App, as well as advance booking restaurants! If you booked restaurants through Google Trips, you can get up to 50% Discounts.

Guides can be contacted !!

Google Trips of App has almost all the information about that location, even if you reach any destination spot. Moreover, this app has the option of connecting the guides there.

Make your plan !!

The Day Plan can be added to the “Day Plan” option in which you can go wherever you are on the basis of schedule for a trip. Once this is possible you will be able to reach any place where you have fixed your time.

Download From Here – Google Trips