Whatsapp Group Admins getting Special Authority in next few months

WhatsApp Group Wants To Break The Group Admins To Get In jail If the harmonious, personally abusive messages of society are flowing away! So WhatsApp is offering special powers for Group Admins. !!
     Yes, WhatsApp has brought this new service after many people who have created the WhatsApp Group have been hesitant to become its admin. So what is the special authority granted to the WhatsApp Group Admins? Learn more about what the admins use. !!

Restricted Groups !!

WhatsApp is going to bring the new ‘Restricted Groups’ in the WhatsApp. WhatsApp has said that it will help Group Admins and the other members will not be able to send any message to the group unless they choose the new settings.

The post is just viewable !!

Members can view messages sent by Admin through the Restricted Groups and can not respond to it. If the members have sent a message and the admins are not allowed it will not be visible to anyone.

Service is not available right now

This news group admins are happy but they can not get used to this service right now. This feature will be available in the next beta version introduced by Whatsapp. Media reports have said that it will be available to all users afterwards. !!

Same as Facebook Group Restriction

This option, which is now available on Facebook, will bring you to the group admins to help group admins! The post will only be published in the group if the admins are approved in the Facebook group. !!