Why mobile & laptop overheats?How to control it?

It is common to heat up when working with electronic equipment power. If you are experiencing mobile heating if you are using the mobile handset, the laptop’s fan is turning faster that means the laptop is getting hotter.

The mobile does not have much battery power and does not have a fan-like cooler for mobile. Because mobile does not have much pressure on the chipsets.  Mobile phones automatically cool at atmosphere because of its design.

Let’s Know how to prevent mobile & laptop from overheat in the following slides.

Be careful using mobile cover. !!

As mentioned earlier, mobile phones are designed to make the weather cooler. However, many people do not remove mobile covers while using mobile phones. So, mobile is becoming hotter. !!

Do not use more apps !!

Do not use more apps together either Android or iPhone. The smartphone software and the hardware will be overwhelmed by the fact that once more apps are used, the phone becomes hotter.

See if the fan is turning right !!

If a laptop is placed on the bed or sofa, the bedding/cotton, cotton, wool or small piece on top of the sofa will roll on the inside of the laptop fan. The laptop can be hot because the fan cannot rotate properly.

After complete work shut down laptop

Make sure that every time you close the laptop, it’s shut down. The problem is that if the laptop’s fan is rotating even after you close it will cause heat And do not put the laptop in the standby mode in the bag.

Buy Laptop Cooler !!

The processor is still hot while using more software. Use laptop coolers in this case. Cooling pads are available in the online market for Rs 500 to 1500 Rs.

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