Why your smartphone hangs ? here’s the reason & solution

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The problem that the smartphone always hangs out is that almost no one left. Because many of us do not know how to care about the phone in the software regardless of how smartly we handle the smartphone.

  So, how to maintain phone software with some easy ways you will find in today’s article And let’s see what the alerts we can take to keep the phone hanging.

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Internal memory !!

The first reason why your smartphone is hanging out is the use of your internal memory. If the memory usage is high, the phone will hang out because your phone has more pressure on the software. So, use external memory to reduce internal memory usage. !!
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Know the use of Apps !!

Delete unwanted apps on your phone. Close any app when it’s work done and leave it to use multiple apps at once. !! If you know what all these apps do, your phone will not hang. !!

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Restore your phone once a month

If your phone is hanging out then restore your phone’s data factory setting. Doing so will prevent your phone from hanging out the junk files on your phone.

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Do not use low quality charger

One thing that most people do not know is because of the low-quality chargers we use to make a smartphone viable half a bit faster! Remember that a low-quality charger can not only harm your mobile it will also harm your mobile software . !!

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