Xiaomi ‘Redmi Note 5’ Awesome Specification with good price

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone is the latest smartphone that has launched by Xiaomi.Now Xiaomi launching the Redmi Note 5. The Chinese leading micro-blogging website ‘Vibo’ is leak information that has now caused the mobile world to shake. !!

   The Redmi Note 4 phone, which is close to the people with the most high-end features at the lowest price and also on the Redmi Note 5.It will already be increased the expectations of people! So, what will the Redmi Note 5 feature be? And know what the price might be at the following sliders. !!

Display and Design !!

Redmi Note 5 has a lot of change in the phone’s design and as the Vibo says the Redmi Note 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution with a high HD 5.5-inch display. 18: 9 The smartphone will be marketed through the Resume screen.

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More emphasis on the camera !!

The Redmi Note 5 is a massive change in the camera with 16 MP dual rear camera and 13 MP selfie cameras. The Vibo website has expressed its opinion that it will fix the Redmi Note 4 some bugs !!

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Snapdragon 630 processor !!

The 64-bit Snapdragon 630 processor was offered on Redmi Note 4 for the Redmi Note 5 function. Adriano 508 GPU will be accompanied by reports that the graphics game experience is going to increase further. !!
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Android 7.1.1 and MIUI 9 will be available. !!

The Redmi Note 5 smartphone is expected to work on Android 7.1.1 and MIUI 9. This is the top Android and MIUI version. It is said that Android Oreo can be updated to give the user a new experience.
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What else?

The Redmi Note 5 smartphone has features like Redmi Note 4. The camera and layout can be replaced, with Quick Charger 4.0, 4G VoLTE and USB 3.1, fingerprint feature with 4000mAh non-removable battery these all are available at Note 5. !!

What’s the price of the phone?

The phone is expected to be launched at a low-cost price of the Redmi Note 4 smartphone that will be available through Redmi Note 5. According to information, just about 10,000 dual camera phones will be yours. !!

Note:- Above all information is somewhat true.It is just a rumor.I can’t tell that above specifications are correct.If you want to know more just google it.