Hasselblad launched 400 MP Camera!!!

The camera market is expanding the day and new cameras are coming to the market. DSLR photography has become more popular with Mirrorless cameras creating more demand in the market. So High-end Camera coming to market with a 100MP quality sensor that size of the one photo more than 2GB.

Hassell Blad also introduced a 400-megapixel capacitive H6D-400C Multi-Shot camera, which is the most megapixel capable and expensive priced camera available in the current market. This can open the most quality photos.

Comparing to the human eye

The 400 megapixel mounted on this camera is closer to the human eye, and the human eye is also said to have 400MP surroundings. Quality video and photo can be easily clicked on the Hassel Blad H6D-400C Multi-Shot Camera.

2.4 GB Photo

The size of each photo shot on this camera is very high, with a photo of about 2.4GB. This makes the photo that’s never been compromised.

4K Video

4K quality videos can be captured in the Hassel Blad H6D-400C Multi-Shot Camera. This camera can also be used in the field of cinema.


The camera is currently in production and will be released in March and will cost around Rs 30 lakh. This is the most expensive camera in the current market.

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