Running out of inbuilt memory??!!!Here is the solution!!!

It is good to buy smartphones with a minimum of 3 GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory. Because the price of these phones with better specification starts at 5000, it is not difficult to buy. !!

However, many have already purchased less RAM and memory phones. Many are using old phones. So, they have an unnecessary difficulty with memory. So, let’s see how the memory in the phone cannot be enough in today’s article. !!

Do not install unnecessary apps. !!

Uninstall any app that you find no useful. Because mobile phones work better than the number of files in internal memory. So, now delete those apps. !!

Reduce RAM pressure. !!

If you do not want to delete the app, go to Apps in Settings, click on the App you want and Disable it. This will reduce the pressure on RAM. You can enable app in settings ->Apps ->Disabled apps -> click on app ->click on enable.

Transfer app data to SD card

If you click ‘Apps’ on the mobile phone’s settings menu, all the apps on your phone will appear. Click one. Transfer the apps to the SD card by selecting ‘move to SD card’ in the old phones. There are also those apps that do not have Move to SD card option for example play store. !!

Don’t forget Cloud Storage !!

Use One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive. This method of storage of files like video and audio online is a future memory storage method. 15GB of free cloud storage is available on Google Drive and transfer files through the Internet when needed.

Use OTG pen drive for extra storage!!

Like most USB pen drives, most of today’s phones are the OTG drive technology that facilitates copying or adding files from a mobile phone. Use a system to transfer files from a mobile phone to another device without the help of the computer.


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