WhatsApp First update in 2018 !!… What is the new feature?

The Popular Instant Messaging Platform WhatsApp has introduced its first update in 2018! WhatsApp has a new feature in the beta app, WhatsApp has given a new option for video chat. !!

WhatsApp has introduced a quick switch between sound and video calls, which can be connected directly to the video player when it comes to sound.

If you want to make a video call between voice call then the person must click the video icon and send the pop-up. WhatsApp BetaInfo said that if the person receives your request, that call will automatically switch to the video call. !!

This new feature of WhatsApp is available in the WhatsApp beta 2.18.4 version, and the user has download this version to get this option. !! This option is available for users who currently join the WhatsApp beta program. !!