Why Amazon sends a big box to small stuff? Surprising truth ..!!

The e-commerce sites in the Indian market are increasing day by day. The American-based Amazon company offers best-of-the-kind offerings and also sells A to Z as well as in India. In this same Amazon you can order a small object but send the parcel in the big box.

This may be a surprise to you every time you shop on Amazon. Amazon is sending such a big box to a small object. This is an attempt to convey why Amazon is doing so.

Why they doing this?

Amazon is wrong if you’re sending a big box to charge your small item. Due to the fact that the robots are packing any object here, the human machine, so the object and box identifier robot will come across a large box without pointing to the size box.

For the safety of products

Amazon packaged items are packaged in such large boxes as they can safely reach. Every material is packaged in a suit that fits the truck so as not to damage objects when travelling on the road to the truck.

For Customer’s happiness

We have a belief that things will be damaged when it comes to online. Amazon strategy is also to get rid of it and deliver goods safely to you and gain customer confidence.