Zebronics launches 6 in 1 external power charger ‘Esteem’!!!

Zebronics 6 in 1 power charger ‘esteem’. It is a multi-purpose product that has wireless audio support, speaker, LED torch, FM radio, micro SD support, and power bank. It’s been with you that it’s one of the best ways to keep the whole world comfortably.

The ‘Esteem’ product does many things, wireless speaker can also charge your phone, you can also use as a LED torch, listen to your Fm radio channels and work on Bluetooth Speaker model. This device will be available for Rs. 1300.

6 in 1 product:

Zebronics’ esteem is a multi-purpose product that works with 6-in-1 including Power Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, LED Torch, FM, MicroSD Card Player and Power Bank, with a bicycle mount available.

What can be done:

The Zebronics ‘Esteem’ is a 2000mAh power bank that can charge your phone, use the LED torch, listen to the radio, listen to your music through Bluetooth, listen to music constantly through wireless, and play music through the SD card.


There are three buttons on this device: The button to turn on the Bluetooth / LED torch has a button to increase the voice/ decrease/call control button. The bicycle can be mounted.

You can carry it anywhere:

The Esteem is lightweight, easy-to-carry device designed to fine-tune, useful for multi-tasking of the device, and can be adjusted to your bicycle handle.