Best Alternative For Google Apps!!

Apps that work well on Android Google’s apps. But it may be boring to use the same app frequently. So you can always feel comfortable with the use of an alternative app instead of Google Apps. In this article, we have prepared a list of great alternative apps for some Google apps.

Swift key is the good alternative for Gboard

The Gboard and SwiftKey apps are the worst competitors and you can expect better features in both. Swiftkey also offers the ability to use emoji when text messaging is sent. Its word prediction is also capable of referring words to a lot of time while chatting. The keyboard is controlled by gestures in the swiftkey with cursor control, gif and beautiful stickers. Also, Swiftkey has different themes and can choose what you want to fit your taste.

Link: SwiftKey

Nova launcher instead of Google launcher

Nova launcher is one of the most popular launchers available on Google PlayStore. It gives its users the ability to customize everything to their taste. This launcher supports folder, gesture and notification codes. There is also night mode in which to make phone usage easier overnight. Its Widget Overlay and Icon Themes The good features of the Nova launcher cannot be missed.

Bussiness calender is the good alternative for Google calendar

Google is one of the best calendar apps available on Business Calendar Marketplace, located at the Editors’ Choice List of PlayStore. These are great features, with different views, global weather forecast, birth festive reminders, and holiday notice. You can keep your information organized by using coding of different colours on the calendar. Also, the Business Calendar can be synced with Google Calendar. Business Calendar offers a variety of customization options for its widgets.

Firefox instead of Google Chrome

The most powerful browser available for our Android devices is Google Chrome. But Firefox is a browser that can be used for better experience. Mozilla has recently released an improved version of its Firefox browser. This new version has a better user interface than Google Chrome. It provides more security and makes the web browsing experience better. Its features are similar to Chrome and you do not miss Chrome when using FireFox.

Link: Firefox


For popular Google apps, you can get alternative apps in PlayStore. Here we have indicated four better alternative apps. Use it to make sure you experience your experience. A, so find more alternate apps for Google Apps on your Android device in PlayStore, use and share with others!

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