5 ways to keep your mobile running like new !!

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The shocking report cannot be shattered by the fact that in the six months since the purchase of a smartphone, 80 percent of its life is over. Because the smartphone purchased by thousands of rupees is losing its ability soon enough.

So if you know how to use mobile, it’s worth hundreds of hundred times that mobile durability is coming up more. Because most of the mobile functionality gets tired of the user being able to finish it up so that mobile users can be understood.

Continuous use of smartphones will slip and their lifespan will decrease. This will apply to all the electronics items, not just the mobile! So, in today’s article, learn how to handle all gadgets along with mobile.

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Check the status of batteries!.

First, check the status of the batteries that affect the performance of the whole device in any gadget. If the battery does not work properly, it’s best to buy a new battery.

Charge correctly!!

Most people do not properly charge mobile. For this reason, the mobile will lose its life quickly! If the mobile phone is waiting for the battery to be dead then the pressure on the mobile components will lose weight.

Do not use a poor quality components

Do not make poor debits to their relays because they are natural to spoil the electronics. Using poor component for replacement your electronic device is completely damaged. !!

See Storage Capacity!

It’s also good to look at the storage capacity of any gadget you use. It is best to remove the unnecessary elements that are stored in them. It’s even better to delete files that you never use.

Be careful not to catch dust!

It’s best to have a little love for any device you use. Wearing computer screens with wet cloths is important to be careful not to catch dust.
 If you do these things at least three times in a month, they will work well for years.

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