If the car is manufactured by this amazing thing weight of the car will be less than 1 kg??!!

The technology that we are using today is that human beings,  not found by aliens. Instead, the environment around us has shown us the way to technology. A man has acquired technology from nature. From history to the future, technology is the basic nature. !

In fact, technology does not require laboratories. The nature of our surroundings leaves us as a technology laboratory. Such natural ambitions have inspired us to develop a technology. It is true that nature has unleashed many concepts for almost all of today’s technologies.

Nature imitation technology, which we like and leisure time, has nothing to do with modern technology. So, what are the latest technologies that borrowed from nature in today’s article? Let’s find out what benefits are from them.

Aerogel solid material !!

Anyone saw the flying flames in front of the rain? The airplane butterflies also cross the continental sea with the help of thin wings. With its inspiration, American scientists have produced a very solid thin ‘aerogel’ solid material. Not surprisingly, what makes the car more weight than 1 kg?

Inspired by bees !!

A few minutes to swim in group clusters, the idea of how the flying bees flying in the air are moving one after the another that will help to find new software. It is not surprising that these fish and bees inspiration for Poland and Columbia researchers to make software that helps air travel.

LEDs of Lightning Worms !!

Everyone can imagine that lightning glittering worms at night can be motivated to find a bulb. However, the inspiration for the manufacture of newer LED bulbs. Inspired by special membranes in the stomach of the lightning discharge, scientists have adopted LED bulbs to produce new types of membranes. This increased the brightness of the bulb by 55 percent.

The trap in glass

A spider solution called Arb Weaver suggests that the collision of glasses to skyscrapers collapses, killing a number of birds per year. Look at the characteristic of reflecting ultraviolet rays to the strings that release this insect trap, creating streaks like a spider net and a new type of glass. If there is a glass on the thread, then there is no worry. Because these lines do not appear to our naked eye. But the birds look to the eye.

The idea offered by Kingfisher !!

The Kingfisher bird flies from the air to hunt the fish and does not make too much sound when touching the water. This is because of the bird’s beak. From its inspiration, the bullet train made the next part of the train to be 50 meters long. Now they use about 15% of the power consumption of the bullet train. Kingfisher’s beak technology is an inspiration for moving up to 10 times faster.