WhatsApp soon stop working on these devices!!

WhatsApp will soon stop giving updates for smartphones we have mentioned below. Yes .. You’ve read right… WhatsApp  not work on all devices… WhatsApp will stop supporting some of the phones in a few days, the company has released a new list and no longer that smartphones get future updates.

WhatsApp has already advised its users to upgrade to new versions. Whatsapp said” We will no longer be active for these operating systems, and some features can be stopped at any time, if you are using an older operating system, as soon as update your OS. “

WhatsApp already stopped service in these operating systems:

– Android version of 2.3.3 
– Windows Phone 8.0 and older
– iPhone 3GS / iOS 6 
– Nokia Symbian S60
 – Blackberry OS and BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp will stop giving updates soon for these operating systems:

– Nokia S 40 up to December 31, 2018 
– Android Version 2.3.7 and older up to February 1, 2020
 – iOS 7 and older up to February 1, 2020 

WhatsApp advises you to upgrade to any of the following versions: 

– Android Running OS 4.0 and above
 – Running iPhone iOS 8 and above 
– Windows Phone 8.1 and above
 If your OS below than this, update as soon as possible.