Why does phone explode? explained.

How many times do we charge mobile, and we will read many tips on how to make a more efficient battery of the mobile. However, newer discoveries tell us new issues about battery charging problems.

There is a new reason for battery explosion. As the researchers say, the battery life of today’s smartphones is very less and the battery is slightly hotter when charging.

So, what’s the new reason why researchers say in a today’s article about battery explosion and battery damage? Let’s find out more about how to make the battery more durable with other precautions. Learn how to protect the battery in the following explanation.


Flip Cover & Back Case !!

The smartphone does not have to be damaged, and the flip cover also includes protective shields like back cover. A new study said that the same battery explosion was responsible. using Flip Cover Phone Battery charging for this also phone can be hotter, and it has been reported that such events occur.

Using low-quality Charger !!

Do not use a standard charger for any reason. Since chargers are the first to spell smartphone battery, use the charger provided to your smartphone as much as possible. Remember that the other mobile charger is also dangerous.

Do not charge too soon when completed heavy work!

We do not say this. Instead, Google is saying that. Yes, everybody uses smartphone blasts when it’s hot. This is because cells are damaged and the smartphone battery damages. Remember it is the cause of the explosion !!!

                                                                              Google Play

Not to come less than 20 percent in the battery. !!

Do not use battery charging moons as long as the smartphone is consumed. However, no matter how smart or smartphone is used, keep the battery minimum 20 percent charge because the batteries are dumped into the empty battery and they lose their power.

What if 100% charge?

Do not charge too much of your battery, as the doctor says, excessive eating disorders are harmful to the body. The battery will be completely drained if you charge the phone completely. This is the opposite of the above advice. !!
                                                              Detroit Metro Times

Conscious when unplugging!!

This is really a problem. However, this is not a battery issue. Charger pin issue. As the more forceful thing is to do things that are good. The smartphone charger pin will be damaged by always removing the charger! So be careful about charger pin!0

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