13 Google Maps Tricks You Must Know ..!

The only guide that can guide us in big cities is Google Maps. There is an Android smartphone that does not have the Google Maps App as it is not a touchscreen. To that extent, Google Map has gone with us. Knowing this, Google has updated its app on a day.

Yes, Google Maps App is not the only app that can be used to show the way. Google map attracts people from many features, not just the way. However, we did not use the new features as a lack of information. Here are some of the features that make your life easier.

1. Save the parking space

If you have a parking lot forgetting, you do not need to worry about it. Because it’s easy to pin your parking space using Google Map. Identifies parking locations based on Google Map Location settings. After the vehicle is stopped, tap on the blue dot and choose to Save your parking option. Also, you can use Google Assistant to save parking lots.

2. Get the choice to go to many places

When you go to the office you need to drop your baby to school. Then you can add multiple locations and start traveling at once. You can add multiple locations by selecting the direction from A to B to use this feature, then select the 3 dotted sign on the right side.

3. Make your own Google Map

This feature is very useful when sharing your travel plans with friends and family. You can set up your own map and include information, interest, direction, and paths needed. You must sign in to Google Account to make your own Google Map. It comes with a tutorial. Make your own map by looking at it.

4. Use the voice command while driving

The choice of Voice Command gives you security when running. Google Maps can be used with a lot of voice command options here. You can easily click on the microphone icon and command.

5. Identify your favorite places

You can identify the places you need to remember. You can place locations such as your brand home and restaurant on the Google Map. This will prevent typing a detailed address every time. Pin on the map by addressing the locking search or by pressing Long on the screen.

6. Offline maps

Another advantage of Google Map is that you can download a part of the map. With this, you can use your old smartphone as a GPS device for bike and cars. The Off Horizontal Selection Tool offers offline space choices and asks you how much space you need. The automatically downloaded map will be updated when Wi-Fi is connected.

7. Save your default address

You can use your home and office address by default to download offline maps. Navigation is starting soon. And when you’re working in the office it tells you the traffic indication of the way you go.

8. Share your location

Your friends often work hard to find your place. The Google Location Sharing feature has been introduced for this purpose, which can be used to share real-time location through a Google Map over a fixed period of time. This feature is very useful to say that hay, I’m here.

9. Location and business near you

Your home does not have stuff in the kitchen. Then the householder informs me that a close relative is coming. Then you’re going to bring it out, the petrol vacant in your bike stands in the middle. Then your Google Map will get all your problems solved. The Google Map reveals the location and businesses that are nearby.

10. Zoom in one hand

Zooming on the map was a difficult task when navigating. Double tap was required to zoom. And your fingers need to be aware of the screen. But now you can zoom in and zoom out as a manual.

11. See bus and railway time

Google Maps in India tells you the bus and railway times in your city. Just choose to show public transportation on the way you go. The number of bus buses on the bus route goes on and on, there are many stoppages.

12. Track your movement

You’ve visited your place in the past. But you do not have to remember that place. Do not worry Google Map tracks your daily movement in history. You have the timeline option, where you go, google map have information about the places you visit.

13. Make Money as a Local Guide

Google has chosen Google Rewards in the map, and Google pays for those who respond to surveys at a busy time. This is called Google Local Guides. You should sign up for this reward program and additional information about your location. Shops, restaurants, info, and pictures about business can earn money.