Computer games can be played on smartphones !!!? do you know how?!!

Are you more dissatisfied with setting up your PC for gaming? Or do you think that if you install in PC, you can not sleep and play as smartphones, TVs, and tabs? Or do not you want to hold the laptop/desktop for your favorite game anymore? But there is one way to achieve this. It works just like your movies, songs, and videos. You can now use the Steam Link App to stream your PC games on Android.

The official streaming app developed by Steam ‘Steam Link‘  is to help users stream their games in the PC’s Steam Library to the Android Device (but not available on iOS). Here we explain step-by-step steps on how to set up and use this app.

How to Set Steam Link on Your PC and Android Devices

1. Download and install the Steam Link app on your Android device.

2. Open the Steam App on your PC and log in using Steam ID and Password. (We hope you are already using Game Steam in your PC.)

3. Go to the ‘Preference’ section and select the ‘In-Home Streaming’ option.

4. Now, check the ‘Enable Streaming’ checkbox.

5. If your PC has a Nvidia graphics card, it will sign you to click ‘Advanced Host Options’ and select ‘Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU’ option. (This will give you the best frame rate in streaming.)

6. Now you have to set up the Steam Link App.

7. Make sure your PC and Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

8. Open the app. Complete all pop-ups that are primarily asked in the App.

9. Now the app asks you to patch the controller. It is impossible to use touch controls while playing GAME on PC even though you always use touch control for it.

10. Steam Link automatically scans your PC and tap the Name and Special PIN to complete the process.

11. Once completed, the App will run the Network Test. There are other requirements for connection speed and seamless streaming. Steam expects 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. If you want to run an app at 2.4GHz then you may have an error message.

12. You can also control your stream quality by tapping the Settings option.

13. Once complete, hit ‘Start Playing’ option. By pressing this button you will be able to directly manage the game of any Android device you want in your PC directly.

Note:-You can also use this app as a remote desktop app. For that, you need to use the ‘Advance’ option in Settings and stream the non-stream games on your Android devices. There are several options for streaming your PC Games, including Moon Light etc.

Download Links:-
Steam link(Android) | 
Steam(Windows & Mac & Linux) |