How to Build Your Health In PUBG Game?

PUBG or Player Unknown Battleground is a Battle Royal Concept that 100 players land by parachute on an island and collect weapons and fight for survival to the end of the game.

The most important aspect of this game is the survival of the game and the fact that 99 other players are trying to kill you. But with good strategy and strategy, you can survive in the game. One of the things to realize this is your health.

75% increase in healthcare

The health of this game is not automatically rebuilt. There are some guidelines for improving your health during the game. Some of them help increase your health by up to 75%. The biggest question here is how to increase this health by 100%? Here’s information on how to achieve this if you are interested in this topic and are curious to know. What you need to know before starting the information is what the healing things in the game are.

Healthy substances: Re-instantly restores health

1. Med Kit: Finding this is a difficult task but it’s the best thing to do in the game. It takes less than 8 seconds to heal and 100% of your health recover.

2. First Aid Kit: This is the second best choice. It recovers your health up to 75%. But finding it is easy.

3. Bandage: It is usually available and is a health item that is easily available in any part of the game. It will be available with a group of five and a fragile item. It has the potential to improve health by 75 percent in 7 seconds.

Booster Items: At some time the restoration of health and the immune system increases

1. Pain Relievers: Pain Relievers (Pain Killers) will fill up 60 percent of your booster bar and take 7 seconds.

2. Energy Drinks: This is a low-powered booster. Easy to get. It takes 4 seconds to fill the booster bar 40%.

3. Adrenaline Syringe: – It has the lowest availability of the above. Available on Supply Crates. It has 10 seconds to use and gives the booster bar the most power.

How to use it?

Now you know about things and their use. Let’s take a look at some of the suggestions below :

Your health at the moment is to suggest that you are ready for the next battle or war. So it is important to maintain health well.

– Your bag has less space. In addition to health-related and boost items, you also have to carry other items in the bag. So you should be aware of the space for the bag you need for all of the above items. The Med Kit and First Aid Kit depend on more space than other objects. So two or three items are suggested to carry these items. You can manage the rest by Booster.

– Bandages can be used in small damages because it is available faster and uses less than two other space.

– The material that gives you a disguise is the booster you are mostly stocked with. They can be used in short dams in combat. Or you can use it even when you get inside the blue circle. These boosters will restore your health shortly.

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