Three New Feature in Gmail

Google seems to have plenty of techniques for Gmail users in 2019. Some new features will be released on Google, the company said. This can be helpful to correct and edit mistakes when writing an email to the user. The two features come in the form of short cut buttons and the third one is the feature that allows you to download different types of messages on the Gmail.

Undo / Redo in the compose window

It’s easy to Compose mail. If you delete an email or if you write something wrong, then you think that the previous one is correct you can simply undo it. and it is also easy to redo in the compose window.

Shortcut to strike rough text

Strike Rough Text is also available to users, along with bold, italic and underlines. This can be done quickly in the context of changing the language and effectively writing in emails. It is also in the formatting section when writing emails.

Blog Post Info

The EML format supports other email clients and you can also see the message of these clients in the Gmail Message attachment. In the blog post, you can also attach it to their email.


These features will be available within a few days as the G-Suite blog post says. And all the features are switched on by default. The fact that you have to pay attention to Google was said that shut down Google Inbox on its Gmail platform in September last year. Google also informed that Gmail was focused more on it. We want to have a good email feature for everyone, and Google announced that it will shut down Google Inbox by March 2019 and we will focus more on Gmail. Similarly, current developments are taking place.