Best Android Apps Of The Month – June 2019!

Welcome back to best android apps of June 2019 this time around I have one wallpaper and Five apps let’s jump right in.

Wallpaper: Abstract:

With this month in the developers, the camp is Molson the same designer agreed on the official wallpapers for one plus and pen, Android, it’s a really amazing package with tons wallpapers including those from Oxigon OS, AOSP, some of this past collection of works, and some unique ones that look astonishing. As you can guess from the title of this app, all these walls are abstract and colorful, and there are over 250 walls and choose from so you always have a clean looking background.

Download Link: Wallpaper: Abstract

Adobe Premier Rush:

Video Editing has always been bad on Android, mostly after do allow you to edit only how the basics are outdated, gimmicky or difficult to use. However, recently, Adobe released a new app called Adobe Premiere rush, which is very similar to the windows program and editing has become a whole lot better on Android. Also, anything you editing from your rush can be synced over to the cloud and be opened up a premiere on your desktop to continue your work.
                      For starters, you have the basic multiplayer timeline for including videos, pictures, texts or audio files. Every layer can be trimmed rearranged include transitions or cut and each layer you include in your timeline can be customized to the extreme. For example, for each title, you can change the font, size, color, or even use templates to animate them. For videos, you can calibrate them with filters or Luntz. Capture videos with the built-in camera feature, or use motion graphics templates. And for sound, you can add a music record voiceovers adjust the audio levels and more. 

                     It is missing some of the popular desktop premiere capabilities such as keyframes, stabilization, video effects, speed ramping or masking, but coming from a person who’s been using Adobe Premiere for over three years now, I’d say this one the best on the go mobile editing apps out there. Just keep in mind that with any Adobe product, there is a subscription based plan and as of right now only a few devices are supported. More devices and features will be supported in the future. So don’t get your hopes down.

Black Box:

Black Box is a great app that will automatically record your phone calls so you can listen to them later. No matter if they’re incoming or outgoing. And they recorded both your voice and the colors voice. You can also share your recordings, back them up on Google Drive, whitelist contacts, sort them and more. Just keep in mind that doesn’t support VoIP calls from WhatsApp Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, etc. But from regular calls, it works like a charm. And you don’t need root or ADB to get it working. 

Download Link: Call recorder

Firefox Screenshot Go:

Firefox screenshot go is one of those apps, lets you categorize all of your screenshots and allows you to extract text within your screenshots just like Google Lens to copy or search it. You can also search through all of your screenshots by text which is very useful if you have hundreds of screenshots and you don’t want to search through them all just to find a specific one. So give it a try if you need a screenshot management tool.

MIUI-ify – Notification Shade:

One of the disadvantages of having a large business display like on the one plus seven Pro is that it’s really difficult to reach the status bar in one hand. And that’s why I recommend you download MIUI – ify, if you have a large phone and small hands. Because it throws notification in Quick Settings panel to the bottom of the screen for easier access. With a single swipe. You can see in control all your notifications including your music player, it has slider so you can control the brightness or volume of any profile and it shows a ton of information that is also on the top of your status bar. swiping up your second time will expand the Quick Settings panel, which works perfectly to toggle most system settings and you can customize the titles to add a new one or rearrange them. I’m only scratching the surface here there are a ton more options you can customize So download it right away.


How about an app to customize screenshots into device frames so you can share them in a professional and beautiful manner. Well snap mode is the best and most modern option out there. It has a ton of frames to choose from including all the latest one plus devices, Google phone, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Oppo, Xiaomi, and more. Once you download the frame, choose your screenshot and change the background color or you can go transparent, and then you can download the PNG file and share it on social media.