India is the world 2nd largest internet consumer!! Thanks to Jio!

Internet usage in the country has increased after Jio entering India’s telecom sector. India is the world’s largest global Internet user. According to a recent report, India has emerged as the second largest country in the world, with a 12 percent stake.

Yes, Mary Meeker reports on internet trends in 2019, India is the second-largest country with 12% of Internet users in the world. Marie Meaker has commented on internet trends as a result of the support of Reliance Jio Internet for this development.

3.8 billion people in the world are using the Internet. It is more than half the world’s population. China is the world’s third largest Internet users. The share of Internet users is at 8%, third in terms of share of 21%.

Meeker also pointed out that Jio was one of the most innovative Internet companies outside the United States. Reportedly, Geo has a 30.7 crore mobile phone subscriber and has played a role in doubling Internet usage in India.

The number of global Internet users is growing, but reports are slow. The growth of Internet users has slowed after the number of Internet users increased by over half of the world’s population. The growth rate was 6% in 2018, down 7% from the previous year.