13 Tech-savvy Ways to Manage Your Day

Staying organized and efficient can be a challenge in the digital age. The most useful apps, tools, and tricks to try are right here! Today’s blog post is all about how to manage your day through technology. 

Here are 13 tech-savvy ways you could be managing your day better:

1. Use a program like the Pomodoro technique for productivity – set an alarm for 25 minutes, work on one thing for that amount of time, take a quick break (5 minutes), and then repeat.

2. Try scheduling all routine tasks like emails, social media posts, etc. at the same time, and then giving yourself free time to get your work done later.

3. Set up a Google Calendar for important dates, meetings, and events using tasks and reminders to make sure nothing falls through the cracks – also use this for writing down your goals so you can leave behind a calendar full of things you’ve already done.

4. Stop overusing social media – switch up your strategy instead of getting stuck in a status update habit.


5. Create a system where every morning you write down all the tasks and notes that need doing that day.

6. Stay focused and minimize distractions using the FocusBooster – this will stop everyone else from distracting you with emails, social media, etc.

7. Use Trello to organize everything  – whether that’s your work projects or your personal life.

 10. Use a task manager like Todoist to make sure nothing falls through the cracks – using tasks, sub-tasks, and reminders will help you stay organized. 

 11. Use the right apps for the right job – and get rid of the ones that aren’t useful anymore.

12. Try a tool that emails you a reminder of what to do next so you don’t forget things when you’re distracted by everything else going on in life.

13. Stay productive with apps like RescueTime to track your time so you can learn how best to spend it (and improve your productivity).