8 Must Have Android Apps For Students

If you are a student, you know how difficult it can balance your school work and social life. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 8 must-have apps for students! These will help make your academic life easier and more enjoyable!



Camscanner is a must-have app if you are struggling with carrying your heavy textbooks in your backpack. It is quite annoying to carry bulky books, especially during commuting. You could use the CamScanner app to together all your notes and highlight important information inside the textbook. Just download and install the Camscanner app to your android device, download your favorite PDF from the web or email using Gmail or Dropbox, scan texts on pages, edit/add drawings/highlights and export them into documents. camscanner document can store on Google Drive/Dropbox.




If you are working on an assignment that requires citation referencing, then EasyBib is one that you are looking for. Just download this app, install it on your android device, choose a reference from its extensive database, and format the citation accordingly using various styles.


Also, EasyBib can quickly retrieve full bibliographic records such as title, author, publisher, year published, and so on. It also allows you to add additional notes about each reference, like whether or not the book is available in a library near you or which part of the book covers that subject matter.




If you use your android device for taking digital notes in class, then I am sure that you might have needed a note organizer. The good news is that you can use the Evernote app for your notes and information. With this app, you will easily organize and search through your textbooks, lecture notes, meeting minutes, or even any shopping list using text recognition (OCR). You can also annotate web pages with Evernote’s Web Clipper tool.




Rain alarm is one of the most useful android apps for students who are active in various outdoor activities such as sports or hiking during summertime and the rainy season, especially when their outdoor activity is scheduled on that day.

Wouldn’t you want to make yourself wet due to rain while doing an outdoor activity, right? So what if you could be alerted before the rain? That’s what RainAlarm does for you. You can set the app to alert you about rain at a specific time or when the humidity level is high (the higher it gets, the better your chances are that a thunderstorm will burst).


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Do you want to get access to flashcards used by students all over the world? If yes, then download and install this app immediately on your android device! This app has study material such as flashcards, videos, practice exams, and more downloaded directly from its library without any registration fee. And if you need an additional practice exam, there are paid options available for an affordable price.

In addition, you can also get access to additional quizzes, flashcards, and study material by collecting badges which are quite cool.



Skype/Viber/WhatsApp Messenger

Students are required to travel overseas for academic purposes like attending conferences or participating in international competitions, or maybe they want to be transferred to another country for work and need a student visa. Whatever the reason is, today’s technology has made it more convenient for students to communicate with their loved ones from anywhere in the world.


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Google Translate

There are times when you will require translating an important document or webpage into your native language, especially if you are applying for a scholarship abroad that requires providing them with information about your origin. And, of course, using the Google Translate app would make the task quicker and easier than doing it manually on your laptop.

The best thing about this android app is that it can translate words/phrases into over 90 languages without requiring an internet connection which means that you could use it any anytime mobile device you can translate the document to your native language instantly.



Is a most important aspect of being a student is learning another language. With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian while commuting to class or waiting for an appointment. The app is completely free with no ads at all!.


It’s never too late to make a change. If you’re ready for new adventures and challenges, I hope this list of 8 apps will help you get started! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite app on the list or share it with friends so they can be prepared for life as a student.