How to Build a Computer: Step by Step Instructions

When looking for ways to build a computer, you’ll find that there are thousands of websites and tutorials all over the internet. There are many different paths when it comes to building a computer, but this blog post will walk you through one of the easier ones — from buying parts on Amazon to assembling it with instructions from iFixit. It’s the perfect starter guide for those who want a little less hassle or just want their computer assembled by professionals.

Here is how it’s done:

1) Buy A Computer Case! You’ll need one for your PC.

2) Get a CPU. Choose your processor type and model from the list below (or buy more than one if you want to experiment with different types of CPUs).

3) RAM: Buy 4 GB because it is cheap. Then buy more if your PC works too slow for you.

4) Motherboard: You’ll need at least one 16xPCIe slot, and at least three RAM slots.

5) Drives: Get a hard drive or three to fill up all those memory slots on the motherboard. Plus, get an optical drive for discs!

6) GPU/GPUs: The first thing you need is graphics! For the Mac fans, get an NVidia GeForce card. Then for the PC fans, get an ATI Radeon card.

7) Hard Drive: Get a big hard drive! It’s actually less expensive if you buy it in bulk.

8) Power Supply: Get a fancy one if you feel like splurging. If not, get something cheap but basic.

9) Case Fans: Buy at least two case fans because they will keep your case cool. Plus, it’s necessary to create proper airflow in your computer.

10) Ethernet Card: Get one that is compatible with the speed of your network and plug it into the motherboard’s second PCI-E slot (one of them is usually free).

11) Optical Drive: You’ll need this if you want to install an operating system on your PC.

12) OS: You’ll need one of two different operating systems, either Windows or Linux. Here are links for you to download them: Windows, Linux.

13) Power: You’ll need a place to plug in your computer! The only thing that’s left is to install your OS onto an external drive and set up your BIOS.

14)Time to get started with building your very own computer. Follow these instructions over at iFixit if you are having trouble assembling the machine, or watch the video above.
You’re done! Enjoy your new PC.