Covid-19 vaccination slot booking BOT!!

1. Go to cowin bot this link in chrome.

2. On the right side, you will see add to chrome.

3. Click and add to chrome.

4. Go to extension pin it.

4. log in to the website and register.

5. Click on schedule appointment.

6. On the page where u have to enter pin or district – do not enter anything.

7. On the right side top you will find an image above the fav bar next to the star.

8. Click on that you will see cowin bot.

9. Click on cowin bot and fill in the details and submit.

10. It will run for you and book an appointment and send the receipt.

To use this on phones use the kiwi browser on android phones.

Hope it helps, stay healthy get vaccinated as soon as possible.

take care🤗🤗.


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