How to become an expert in Linux?!

Linux. A system shrouded in mystery, and also one that’s been at the heart of some controversy in recent years. The key to understanding this operating system, however, is to be an expert in it. To help you achieve your goal of becoming such a person, we’ve compiled this list of things that you need to know.

The first thing you need is the distro: Fedora, open suse but not ubuntu. Secondly, whenever there’s a problem with your computer, don’t go for the easy solution – use the harder one and fix it yourself! Lastly, don’t listen to people who say use Ubuntu as it is more focused on people who just want to migrate from the Windows world but don’t want to look inside their system.


In our list, we have compiled plenty of useful tips every Linux Expert should have!

Most importantly,

You can improve your knowledge by reading the book “Linux Mastery” which explains step by step how to use Linux effectively.


This is our list of things that you need to have in order to become an expert in Linux:

Some important tips on using Linux: The idea is not to keep changing the kernel version. If you’re installing for reasons other than performance, try and stick with the latest kernel available for your distribution. If you run into a serious problem, check the kernel version again after some time passes and see if it’s still as stable as when it was released.


Do not change your hardware every 3-4 times a year. Just because you’ve heard that your neighbor’s computer is twice as fast as yours doesn’t mean that you should run it on the same hardware as him. Build a cheap but stable Linux system and upgrade it when the time comes for an upgrade.


Learn to use your mouse effectively: This is one of the most important things that you need to have in order to become an expert in Linux. Once you’ve mastered this, go through some tutorials about how to do various tasks with your mouse, and soon enough, you’ll be a Pro!. Practice using the arrow keys, the Delete key, and the other function keys in order to increase your typing speed. Get used to typing without looking at your keyboard and you’ll be able to type in any language.

Don’t talk about Windows: The Internet is full of people who think that Windows is very slow, different, and hard to use. Nobody wants to hear you talking about them – not even your family. The key is using the famous phrase “Windows is great, but…” (with a deep sigh) and tell your friends how well Linux handles things.




Learn new terms: This will help you come across as an expert in Linux. For example, instead of saying “which commands do I need to use to change my screen resolution?”, you should say “I want to edit my display mode and set it to 1024×768”.



Read books: In order to become a pro in Linux, you need to read a lot of books. There is a big chance that you will encounter some new terms in your software, and if you don’t know what they mean, they could be very confusing. Learning to read and understand technical terms is one of the most important skills in Linux.



Get expert help: When you’re having problems with Linux, don’t try to solve them yourself. For example, instead of trying to figure out how to back up your laptop’s files, contact the Linux Support Center or someone from your local Linux Users Group (LUG). With their help, you’ll be able to restore your data in a matter of minutes.


Practice: After you’ve learned the basics, start practicing. You can install Linux on your home computer and use it to type a few documents, or you can join a LUG and learn more about Linux from other users. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to Windows once and for all! (Want to practice Morse code? Click here.)


Join Community: Linux has one of the best OS communities, you will get most of any QNA from Linux forums, Reddit community, quora community, etc. these type of forums give any silly question answers, if you are a beginner they will help a lot to improve your knowledge, understand the platform better.



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