How to increase Android version without PC?

Yes, you can increase your android version without a PC. But you must have a rooted device, if it is an older phone like 2-3 years it is very easy to install a newer version of android. The new android phone became more secure, it is not easy to update android if the manufacturer did not give them updates to your device.

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Let’s start with the steps to increase your android version :

  1. You must have a device that is rooted.
  2.  Goto XDA search and search for your device. You will get the device with an OS thread you will get this type of option.

3. Goto Roms and kernel option, check if it is can be installed from phone only.

4. Download the ROM, before that you should be sure to check what is working and not working(Features).

5. If you downloaded it in your phone memory move it to an SD card.

6. Restart your phone and go to the custom recovery mode.

7. First click wipe and clean Dalvik cache, boot, system data. Then you can click on install.

8. Select downloaded OS and click on swipe to confirm flash.

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9. Wait for some time it will automatically complete the install.

10. After completion restart the device(first-time boot can take up to 20 min) and enjoy your new android version.