How to make a verticle video to landscape?

Verticle videos are becoming more popular than landscape videos. They take up less screen space and are easier to watch in a smaller area, but what if you want your video to be landscape? That is where this article comes in.

I will show you how to edit verticle videos into landscapes using mobile(android or IOS) so that they can be watched on a TV screen or laptop.

How to increase the Android version without a PC?

For Android:

You can use any video editor to edit videos on an android device. But I recommend Kinemaster pro( paid). Basic Kinemaster has a watermark it is not good for youtube videos. Note that if you are on Android, at just $0.99/month, Pro gives you access to all features without a watermark!

Steps to convert:

  1. After the installation of Kinemaster open it.
  2. Click on Create New – then it will ask for the aspect ratio and select desired ratio.
  3. Then below select landscape or verticle.
  4. If you buy the pro version when you rendering the video it will ask for ratio and size.
  5. Edit the video as you do then export it.
  6. Rendering will take some time on a mobile phone.
  7. After that, you can upload this on any social media.

For IOS:

  1. Download any good editing software.
  2. The option for change verticle to landscape whether it will be at the start of the project or end when you go for the export project, an option will be there.
  3. Upload it to your smartphone and test it by watching the full video on any device like smartphone, Tv, or laptop.
  4. Enjoy the project by sharing on social media sites, besides you can also embed it to your site or blog.
  5. It is a very simple and easy way to convert vertical videos into landscape videos.


There is some online editor for edit & covert the videos you can check them out: