How To Make Android Look Great!

 We’ve put together this brief guide that will teach you how to make your Android device look great! It’s chock-full of useful tips and tricks, including the best way to customize every single element. And we’ll even share loads of helpful apps with you. 

 This is a short article, but it’s chock full of useful tips and tricks, including the best way to customize every single element. And we’ll even share loads of helpful apps with you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make your Android device look great!

1. Make Your Android Device Look Professional

Your Android device can look great even if you’re using a free or inexpensive customization app. One factor that makes your device look professional is text alignment. You can adjust text alignment in any way you like by changing the value in the Alignment section, located under the Advanced Settings menu of your customization app. The most common values used are Left, Center, and Right.

you can use the different types of launcher for better customization I recommend these two:- 

Niagara Launcher

Nova Launcher

2. Change the Font to Make it Look More Stylish

There are thousands of different fonts available for Android devices. You can change your font to make your device look more stylish. Just go to the Font section under Advanced Settings, then pick a font that you like, and type in some sample text. Now you can see what your device looks like with a different font!

recommended:- Stylish FontsHiFont

3. Use Different Wallpapers for Different Elements

The images you use for the background wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper should be different if you want your device to look great. You’ll find all the wallpapers on your Android device in the Pictures category inside Google Photos. You can access all of them using the free app Wallpapers HD.

recommended:- AmoledBackgroundsTapet

4. Pick White As Your Background Color

The background color of your device’s lock screen and navigation bar should be white. If that’s the case, then your phone’s status bar color should be black. This includes all the apps such as your camera, stopwatch, compass, clock, battery percentage, and even your notes! It’s called a Material Design interface and it makes the screen look cleaner than ever!

5. Use Transparency for Elegant Effects

Transparency is a great way to add more visual depth to Android applications. You can make Android apps look more professional by applying transparency effects to them. Transparency effects are an integral part of the new Material Design interface that Google introduced last year. Transparency effects are used in icons, backgrounds, and even buttons!

6. Change Your Font Color

Change your font color from black to white in the Font section under Advanced Settings in any customization app. This is a great way to make your phone look more professional!

7. Change Your Status Bar Color

The background of your navigation bar is the color of text on your status bar’s top bar, so it’s important that you set this value correctly. In my opinion, it’s best to keep this color white. Use a color swatch app to pick the best color for your navigation bar’s background.

8. Set Your Navigation Bar Transparency

You can change the transparency of your navigation bar by going to the System section under Customization Settings and choosing your desired transparency level for the status bar. You will see how this looks in your device’s case after you install an app that supports it. What I like about this is that you don’t need to get everything working perfectly first before you can apply this on your phone, and then worry about hardware problems later while you’re not even using it!

9. Disable or Change System Sounds

Whether you have a Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, or any other Android phone, there is always a way to disable and change the sound effects that are used. Use an app to do it!

recommended:- Zedge

10. Disable or Change Your LED Notification Lights

If your phone has LED notification lights in it (usually found on high-end phones), they can be turned off completely, changed to another color, or reversed so that they flash when you get a message. You might want this feature if your phone doesn’t have a great vibrate feature and you need some extra audible notifications at night.

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