Great Apps Not Available In Play Store

There are a ton of great apps that are not in the Play Store. These apps might be pirated, or they might be good enough that the developer doesn’t want to put them on the play store for one reason or another.


Either way, if you’re looking for something new and different, here are some great options! we’ve compiled some of our favorites below:



Aptoide App Store


This app store is full of android apps that aren’t in the play store. The great thing about this app is its feature called “pulse,” which automatically finds and updates your apps from their servers. This way, you always have the latest and most excellent versions of all your android apps!




If you have an iPhone, double- or triple-tapping the back of your phone might save you time. However, Android users don’t currently have access to this feature. But, using this app, you can do that.


Netflix SV4

Next up, we have Netflix SV4, which lets you watch all the latest Tv shows and movies for free in different video quality. This is an excellent alternative to any paid video streaming app. The interface lets you search through all the videos, series, and dramas available in high-quality resolution.


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If you want to use Instagram but don’t want to log in with your official account, Barista is an unofficial app used in simple mode. Barista is an Instagram alternative that does not have ads, suggestions, or tabs. It is an open-source application, and you do not have to log in.




The Blokada app is not available on the Google Play Store; it is a free and open-source ad blocker compatible with Android and iOS devices. The Blokada app is simple to use, as you only have to open the app, and it is ready to go. The browser blocks ads on web pages and blocks ads in other installed apps that will save data.


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Mobdro is an app for video streaming that is not available on the Play Store. It comes with more than 200 channels and can be a great substitute to platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime if you’re looking for something different. You can get a wide variety of content through the app, and they support Google Chromecast so that you can watch it on any screen.



If you’re looking to try a new app but don’t want the hassle of sideloading an APK file or downloading it from some sketchy website, we’ve got your back. We hope this post has saved you time and frustration in finding these great alternatives to popular apps like Venmo, Spotify, Instagram Stories, etc.