best wordpress plugins 2021

In 2021, there will be many new WordPress plugins that can help you boost the functionality and style of your site. I’ll list some of my favourites, so you know what to look out for.


these are some of the best plugins:-


1. page builder


If I could only choose one, this would be it. This will allow you to freely drag and drop elements on your page such as text, galleries, images and videos in a simple yet elegant interface with minimal effort. The possibilities are endless because of the ability to create custom modules that will make your life much more accessible than ever before when working on your content for your website or blog. 🙂



2. slider revolution v5


Sliders have been around since time immemorial, but if there is one thing that beats it, then it’s slider revolution v5! If you’re into slideshows, then this is what you need! You can find several free sliders out there – but you won’t find anything better than Slider Revolution on the market! So – if you want to see the difference, go here.


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3. All in one SEO


This plugin will take care of most of your SEO needs: it’ll create XML sitemaps for you automatically, monitor Google rankings, check external links, build a keyword-rich internal link structure and more… You can easily install several extensions that will allow other functionalities, too such as schema markups tools or analytics… Don’t forget to download your copy now.



4. contact form 7


Still no spam? No problem! Contact Form 7 will help you with the easy creation of forms that will make your visitors fill in the desired information to get a response from you.



5. No-IP dynamic DNS


If you’re running a blog, content platform or eCommerce site that requires a domain name that changes often, then this plugin is for you! It will let you use your IP address instead of the domain names and send emails to any email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc..) without changing your primary mail settings!


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6. nextgen gallery


NextGEN Gallery 2 does deserve its name – it’s quite simply the most advanced image gallery plugin around! With features such as lightbox support, multiple user interfaces and view modes, and simple yet powerful shortcodes, this is not to be missed!



7. in post ad system


This is a fantastic plugin for people who blog and make money with their website – this baby will create an advertising module for your site that you’ll want to install on every one of them! You can configure the ads, posts and pages individually so it won’t affect your design or workflow – there are tons of features packed in this lightweight yet powerful plugin 🙂 Get it here.



8. image resolution fixer


If you ever tried installing images on your site only to find out they looked blurry or distorted; then this one is just what you need… It fixes image resizing issues automatically by optimizing all images as soon as they’re uploaded to the server. This way, you don’t have to worry about your blog’s loading speed anymore!



9. google sitemap plugin


This is an easy-to-use software for generating XML Sitemaps for Google and any other search engines that support them. It also comes in a formatted format so you can easily output them directly into your pages’ HTML code!.



10. lite responsive slider


It is a simple and easily customizable slider for displaying your posts (or anything else) elegantly. Fully responsive and mobile-ready, the plugin can load any content from anywhere on the net. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it – get it here!



The plugins listed in this blog post are just a few of the many that can help you boost your site’s functionality and style. You’ll want to research which plugin is most suited for your needs or what others might recommend so you don’t waste time downloading ones that won’t work with your site. If you’re looking for more information about WordPress plugins, check out our other posts!