Is windows 11 worth upgrading from 10?

I would recommend upgrading to Windows 11 because they’ve made it much more friendly for users. They have also improved the start menu, and Cortana is faster.

– Faster start menu.

– Find software easier and quicker.

– The color theme has changed from blue to brown.

Improved ‘Cortana’ assistant can help find what you’re looking for on the internet or make voice calls.



some of the features of windows 11


1. The start menu has full windows ten feel of use, and more than 90% of people like it too.

2. Cortana is much faster, so you can find what you are looking for just by speaking.

3. Improved Cortana as well as windows default search engine Bing.

4. New apps are coming soon like ‘Microsoft Edge,’ which will allow browsing web with a better experience than Internet Explorer + Cortana integration for Microsoft services which means you need not open with browser then log in (example: Microsoft Word) to access all Microsoft services (like outlook, calendar, skype etc.)

5. One app center: where users can download apps like MS word, OneNote, windows store and many more

6. Touch-optimized window support where user can maximize their windows just by starting to move their fingers on any border of the screen when in full-screen mode for any app.

7. Many other changes include better security with windows defender built-in, an enhanced start menu and some other minor features.

8. You can use android apps natively; you can get in on the Microsoft store only(no external app required).


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some pros of Windows 11


1. The search bar has been integrated into the taskbar, making it easy to find anything you’re looking for at one place without opening another application or minimizing your current work on the current application.

2. Everything is organized very well in the start menu if you have upgraded from Windows 7/8 as this new version of the start menu is similar to that of the windows ten start menu.

3. You can easily change the default search engine to google or bing if you like.

4. OneDrive is integrated into the start menu, making it easy to upload/download from anywhere on your PC, Phone or tablet without any extra steps needed.

5.Visiting ‘Microsoft store'(update/upgrade your windows) in windows 11 will show you a list of other new features and improvements.


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some cons of windows 11


1. many new interfaces, especially for users who are upgrading from Windows 7/8, which feels cluttered.

2. Cortana is still in beta mode and may feel laggy at times and sometimes not respond to your voice commands (this differs between different people, too), but this will improve as the developers release more updates to the OS.

3. new features can be slightly overwhelming for users who are upgrading from Windows 7/8 as well.

4. ‘Microsoft edge’ doesn’t have many extensions like other browsers, which makes it feel a bit restricted, but with time this will improve too as users download and install more extensions in the Microsoft store.



I think you will enjoy Windows 11 if you upgrade. You might like it better than 10!

If you’re not on windows ten or don’t have much information about it, I would recommend this upgrade as the new features are helpful for all types of users whether you use your PC for work, study, gaming or personal use and if Windows 11 is available in your region. Remember to back up your files before upgrading, as any software upgrade can go wrong.