How to setup smartphone as a remote mouse

The Android operating system is one of the most popular mobile OS’s in use today. With an estimated 1 billion people using it, it has a huge open-source community that provides many benefits to users. One such benefit is using your phone as a remote mouse for your computer. Follow these steps below to start controlling your desktop with just the touch of a finger on your android screen!



Okay, so make sure that you have an android phone and access to a computer or laptop with Google Chrome. I’ll be using my smartphone as the remote mouse here, but any Android device should work great.


Steps to install and setup:


1) Download and install the Remote Mouse app from Google Play Store.


2) Click “Add Device” and select “PC”.


3) Choose a name for the device, then click “Next.”


4) Wait for it to install, then click “Finish”.


5) Configure your Android device by clicking the gear button on the app. My smartphone is connected using Bluetooth, so I had to turn that on. You can connect via Wifi or USB as well if you have those options.

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6) Input your computer’s address (Its IP Address) into the field next to “Device Address”. Then check off “Bidirectional Control” and click on “Connect.”


7) Open Google Chrome browser and go to Log in with the same Google account.


8) Click on the “Play” button in the top left corner to get things going. Now you should be able to control your computer with your Android device! If you have any issues connecting, see this video, which addresses some common android remote mouse problems.


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9) There is also a paid version of the application available that allows you to use multi-touch and additional features like flash streaming on your android device for only $0.99. I’ve found it worth the money, though, because it made my laptop feel more like an android smartphone than anything else could before now (primarily due to Google Chrome’s lousy touch support).


10) That’s it! You’re done.



If you found this helpful article, please share it with friends and family so they can enjoy android remote mice from their android devices as well! Enjoy your android small mouse experience 🙂 Once you get used to using android as a remote mouse, the desktop experience will be entirely different for you. It makes browsing the web on a smartphone feel like surfing the internet with a touchpad (except on steroids). Many websites won’t even load appropriately without Javascript for them to function correctly. Still, the android remote mouse allows users to access almost every website flawlessly, whether or not javascript is enabled (such as Facebook).