Ten places to use an amazon gift card besides amazon

What do you usually use an Amazon gift card on? Probably to buy more products from Amazon. Well, there are plenty of other places where you can spend your Amazon gift cards. For example, at any store that sells books! You can also go to a restaurant or movie theatre and purchase food or tickets with an gift card. There are even ways for you to convert the amazon gift card into cash so that it’s useful in other ways too!




You can sell your amazon gift card on eBay, create an account, and list your amazon gift card for sale. The only downside is that eBay takes a percentage of the sales as their earnings, and you might not get the full amount, but it’s worth a try!




Another place to use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon (is at eGifter) because there are more options than just books. You can use an amazon gift card to buy any of the following:

– Gift cards

– Cell phone carriers (AT&T, Sprint, TMobile)

– Rental cars (Avis, Budget, Hertz) or even Uber credits!

Your amazon gift card will be converted to points (called eGifts), and you can use these points for any of the aforementioned items.


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Sell Amazon Gift Card for Money

There are many sites to sell these gift cards, such as crafin, zingoy, gameflip. All you need to do is enter the amount of Amazon gift cards, choose the amount, and then sell. For example, if you have $10, you will get like $8. The only downside with this option is that it takes a while for them to transfer money into your account, but it’s worth waiting for because they offer the most cash for these gift cards.



Buy Google Play Store Credit

You can use your amazon gift card to buy Google Play Store credit, and then you can purchase whatever apps, games, books, or launchers you want.


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Get an Online Subscription

You can get the Hulu, Netflix, or HBO NOW subscriptions from Amazon. However, you cannot buy the Netflix subscription on the amazon gift card. You need a credit card for that, but you can buy the Netflix gift voucher using the amazon gift cards. It applies to most of the subscription-based services like Disney+, HULU, HBO, etc.



Sell gift Card On Facebook

Many Facebook groups sell and buy gift cards, and it is the same as the other exchange site; you’ll get less money than the original price of the gift card. One good thing about that is you can get the money when you send the gift cards, no need to wait for fifteen days or a month.


Note: Make sure that you know the person or a group selling to there are many people who do scam with you, be aware.


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Send To A Friend/Buy For A Friend

Ask your friend whether they are purchasing something from Amazon; if they are, you transfer the gift card not claimed; otherwise, buy for them. At the end of this month, the Prime day sale is also starting; you can use it there.



Buy A Game

Use the amazon gift card to buy the game from Steam; this option is only available in some countries. You can buy steam gift vouchers on amazon using an Amazon gift card as payment.



Buy A Bitcoin

Nowadays, bitcoin is making sound very much in the market, so you can buy some bitcoin using the amazon gift card if you want to exchange it with the coin exchange platforms such as coinDCX.



Use Your Gift Card Towards A Charity Donation

You can donate to different charities. Many charity sites needed money to feed for the community or a cause; if you do not need the gift card anymore, you can use it to donate for a good cause.



There are many ways to spend your Amazon gift cards, and we’ve just given you a few examples. However, if you need help with any of the other things that can be purchased with an Amazon gift card or want more information on converting your Amazon Gift Card into cash for future use, contact us! We would love to hear from you in the comment.



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