4 Ways to Start Earning Bitcoin

It’s no secret that Bitcoin has been growing in popularity as of late. More and more people are either looking to buy the popular cryptocurrency or find a way to earn Bitcoin online. There are many ways one can start earning Bitcoin, with the most common being through mining, which is an expensive process requiring costly equipment like ASICs and GPUs. It’s also possible to earn Bitcoin by trading it for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as Coinbase (which offers 1% cashback on all trades).

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for goods and services. It’s decentralized, which means there’s no one person or entity in charge of it. 





There are plenty of ways to earn free skins online. Surveys paid offers, and joining groups are viable methods that offer many options to find success. However, for those interested in getting started with earning Bitcoin through micro-tasks, Freeskins is a great option because of the low payout threshold and immediate payment.


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Timebucks is a bit different from most of the sites on this list for several reasons. Unlike other websites that only offer surveys and offers, this site has various ways to earn bitcoin, such as getting paid to follow people on social media, watching content, and more. If you invite others to join, it can also offer up some nice extra earnings.


The best thing about earning Bitcoin is that there are no restrictions by country. Some methods pay well while others don’t, but all have additional benefits (e.g., bonuses for referral links).


However, if you take the time to get to know a site and its offers, it can end up being quite beneficial!


How to mine cryptocurrency?




FeaturePoints offers various ways to earn bitcoins that are user-friendly and can be accessed on the go through their app. You can earn Bitcoin by taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and free trials (and other offers), or partaking in contests.



InstaGC is another great way to earn Bitcoin. It has surveys, Figure Eight campaigns, websites to sign up for, videos to watch sports on, and betting on sport.


Earning Bitcoin requires PayPal or even another gift card. To be eligible to receive Bitcoin, you need first earn and withdraw at least $50 from another payment source such as PayPal or one of our many gift cards. Once this is done, you can also request payment in bitcoins when reaching $10 in earnings.


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You can also earn bitcoin using the following methods:


-Earn bitcoin by day trading it for other cryptocurrencies ­

-Earn bitcoin by completing tasks on Bitcoin faucets, which can involve anything from filling out surveys to watching videos ­

-Mine bitcoins using your hardware or cloud mining services like Hashflare.io (which offers hash power starting at $0.07 per GH/s) or Genesis Mining (starting at 0.005 BTC for 100 Gh/s). This is an expensive way of earning Bitcoin that requires costly equipment like ASICs and GPUs.

-Complete microtasks through sites such as Coinworker or Bitpetite to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency passively over time without having to invest a lot of time into it.



What are the drawbacks?

­Bitcoin mining is a very expensive process requiring costly equipment like ASICs and GPUs. This makes it difficult for people to start earning Bitcoin unless they are willing to invest in the proper hardware needed. Alternatively, there are plenty of sites where users can complete tasks that will earn them Bitcoins – albeit these usually require time investment on behalf of the user.



We hope you enjoyed this article on ways to earn bitcoin and are now more informed about cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in earning some money online, we recommend checking out our other articles. Have you earned any bitcoin yet?