30 must-have apps for Windows

Windows users have a lot to choose from. From Windows 10 to Word, many apps make life easier on your PC. But what about the other side of things? What happens when you’re out and about with no WiFi or data plan available? This is where these apps come in handy. They can help you find directions, keep track of time zones worldwide, translate words on the fly – even edit photos! All this without an internet connection or data plan! Here are 30 must-have apps for Windows that will be sure to take your traveling experience up a notch!



thirty Must-Have Apps for Windows:


1. Solitaire – No matter what you’re doing, sometimes you need to play a few rounds of solitaire. And it doesn’t get any better than this classic card game!


2. Candy Crush Saga – It’s easy to see why people are addicted to this match-three game with over 1 billion downloads!


3. Netflix – Watch TV and movies on your computer or tablet with the help of this app from the masters of streaming video!


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4. Browsing Internet With Chrome – If you have an internet connection, then it’s time to download Chrome so that you can browse at lightning speeds using fewer resources!


5. WordPress Blogging Platform – This site is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet.


6. Facebook – No matter where you are, there’s always Facebook so you can connect with friends and family!


7. Skype – This video chatting app lets you talk face-to-face with anyone who has an account.


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8. Twitter – thanks to Twitter, keeping up to date with social media has never been easier!


9. Minecraft – This popular game lets you create your virtual world and explore countless others already made!


10. YouTube – Whether you want to learn a new skill, watch funny videos, or listen to music, YouTube is the place to go.


11. Google Drive – If you need to access documents from multiple devices, then Google Drive is for you!


12. Wunderlist – This list-making app is one of the best, thanks to its simple interface and high performance!


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13. Shazam – Shazam has revolutionized the way we find out what song is playing. Just tap your phone to the music, and you’ll know which song it is within seconds!


14. Dropbox – This cloud storage service lets you upload pictures, videos, files, documents, and more so that you can access them from any device!


15. Translator – Never get stuck not knowing what someone is saying; use this app to translate text from 54 different languages instantly!


16. TripIt Travel Organizer – This organizational tool lets you keep track of all of your upcoming trips with its calendar feature and email reminders that ensure you never miss an event!


17. Kindle – This reading app is great for people who love to read since it syncs your eBooks across devices and automatically downloads new content!


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18. Spotify – Put on your headphones and get ready to enjoy this music streaming service with a vast library of tunes at the tip of your fingers!


19. Google Keep – This note-taking app lets you record videos, photos, and audio notes so that you can remember even the smallest details of your travels.


20. TripAdvisor – When you’re planning your next vacation, this website is full of tips and recommendations from fellow travelers!


21. Duolingo – If you want to learn a new language, Duolingo is the perfect way to start! It’s free, and it works!


22. Groupon – Get deep discounts on local restaurants, hotels, activities, and more with this app that brings you amazing deals daily.


23. Foursquare – This location-based social media app shows you all of the best things that are nearby. It’s perfect for travelers!


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24. Yelp – This restaurant and activity guide gives you honest recommendations from people who have been there.


25. WeatherBug – Whether you’re making plans or trying to avoid being caught in a storm, having access to accurate weather alerts can make all the difference.


26. Hotel Tonight – Don’t worry about planning your vacation ahead of time with this app that lets you book discounted last-minute hotel rooms!


27. Google Maps – This GPS navigation app is the perfect way to avoid wasting money on huge data fees when you’re abroad! (this is just like the one on Android phones)


28. TuneIn Radio – With 200,000 radio stations worldwide and more than four million podcasts, this app is perfect for music lovers!


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29. eBay Shopping – This e-commerce shopping app lets you buy whatever you need at a great price, even if that “whatever” is hard to find.


30. Wallpapers HD – Spice up your phone’s home screen with awesome wallpapers from this app!



This is just a brief overview of what each item does; please visit their page in the source section for more specific information on each. These are just a few of the apps you can get to help you out when you need them. The next time you’re about to take off, make sure these thirty apps are in your arsenal!