20 Ways to Boost Traffic with Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your website, email marketing is the answer. There are many different ways that we can use email marketing to generate more revenue for our business. We’ll go through 20 easy steps that will help you get started with these strategies!



Get a lead magnet

This is one of the first things you should do when creating your email list. Offer something valuable to potential customers such as an ebook, checklist, or video series to get their attention and build trust with them over time. It could be something about running a business or how they can improve their life.



Offer a discount

Discounts are great to start with because people love getting value for the money they spend. But, then, you can offer different discounts and see which one generates more conversions in your email marketing campaign before moving on to something else!


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Use upsells

Upselling is also an effective way of increasing the revenue that you earn on your website. This strategy offers more to customers who have just purchased by suggesting other items that they might need or want right now.



Keep emails short and sweet

It’s important to keep the email content as clear and concise as possible to be read quickly without any problems. However, make sure not to overcomplicate your email content and keep them short so that you can get to the point quickly.



Use an autoresponder

Autoresponders are a great tool that’s used to generate more traffic for your website. This is where you set up emails that go out automatically when someone subscribes to receive information from you. This is an excellent strategy to market products, services, and promotions. 


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Send out a welcome email

When someone subscribes to your list, you must send them a quick message with the intention of getting their attention and setting up expectations for what they can expect in future emails from you. Make sure this email stands out so people will want to open it.



Give away a freebie

Offering something for free is an excellent way of attracting new customers and boosting traffic to your website. For example, you can offer ebooks, webinars, or even a consultation with someone on your team to get people interested and engaged with what you have available.



Create your email list

The first step to boosting traffic for any business is by creating a solid and reliable email list. When someone signs up on your website, they should be asked to subscribe to receive future emails from you. You can also add an icon that says “subscribe” or “sign up”, which will automatically take them to the sign-up page.


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Automate your email marketing

There are many tools that you can use to automate your emails, so it’s easier for you and less time-consuming daily. We highly recommend this because then all of the work is done for you, and it’s simply a matter of sending out emails at the right time.



Use email marketing as a sales funnel

It can be difficult to sell products or services through your website because there is no physical interaction between someone who visits your site and what they want to buy. This is where email marketing comes into play by using it as a sales funnel. This is where you can offer products or services at the beginning of your email campaign and then gradually move them towards the end to create urgency for what they want to buy.



Create an autoresponder series

If it’s difficult for you to come up with the content regularly, one way to do it is to set up an email marketing campaign that you can use over and over again. This way, all of your content will come from one source, which makes updating the emails easier for you in the long run.


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Build relationships with other businesses

There are different ways that you can build relationships with other businesses, such as through guest blogging. You can also offer to trade guest posts with other blogs and build those relationships on a more personal level within your niche. 



Use email marketing as an incentive

Offering something for free or at a discounted price is a great way of getting people excited about what you have available, especially if it’s related to the topic they are interested in. This is a great way of getting people to purchase from you when they come across your website, and it’s also a great traffic booster for any business.

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Include affiliate links

If you want to boost traffic on your site, one thing that can help is by including affiliates in the emails sent out from time to time. In addition, you can provide links and resources related to the topic of your email, so it’s a win-win situation for both you and the company.



Offer up complete information

Giving people access to something that they can’t get anywhere else is a great way of getting them interested in what you have available. This could be anything from an ebook, webinar, or even email campaign that only your subscribers will receive. The idea behind it is to provide additional value for those who are already signed up with you.


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Include customer testimonials

Having many satisfied customers is always a great way to get people interested in your services or products because they want what others have and are willing to spend their hard-earned money on it. This can be done by adding images of happy customers or asking them for input when they sign up on your website.


Create a mini-course

Creating something small in length, such as an ebook or video series, can be a great way to provide people with the content they need. In addition, this will help you build your email list to promote more products or services, and it also makes for an easier time when it comes to writing out what you want to say every day.



Include testimonials from others

Sharing other’s testimonials is a great way of getting your subscribers excited about what you have available. This can be done through video testimonials, screenshots from other websites, or even including things like social media praise to get the word out there for more people who may not know about it yet.


Include an email capture

It’s important to have a way for people to subscribe and stay updated with what you’re doing. This can be done by including an email capture form on your site or in the sidebar of every page that has something new available.


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Create content calendars

Creating content calendars is important because it will help ensure that your emails are sent out at the right time. This can be done by using a program like Google Calendar or even just writing it out on paper to make sure that you can keep up with what’s going on for the month.




With so many ways to use email marketing for your business, the sky’s the limit. Email is a tried and true form of communication that customers are used to receiving from businesses they love – but with all these strategies, you can take it a step further! We hope this blog post has helped you get started on boosting revenue through email marketing.  


Do any of these tips resonate with you? Let me know what other questions or ideas you have in the comment form below.