The value of experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is a form of marketing where companies try to create an emotional connection with consumers. The goal is to make customers feel like they’re part of the company and their feedback matters. Marketers use experiential marketing techniques such as live events, branded content, and social media campaigns to connect with potential buyers on an emotional level. For example, a recent study by Eventbrite found that 72% of people who attended live experiences were more likely to buy from the brand after attending a live event or activity offered by the company. That number jumped even higher when respondents said they would be willing to spend more money on products sold by brands where they had experienced something memorable within the last year (77%).



What is experiential marketing, and why does it work 

Experiential Marketing is a marketing strategy that is focused on the experiential factors of your brand. In other words, it’s when you get customers to experience what it feels like to use your product. For example, if you have a food business, you might set up a cooking class so people can taste and take home the food they cooked. The benefits of experiential marketing for brands include: improving customer satisfaction, getting customer feedback, demonstrating products and services in person, and leading to word-of-mouth promotion due to an actual demonstration (rather than just photos or text).



how do we get started with experiential marketing?

There are many different ways to do experiential marketing, but basically, it boils down to one thing: get creative and think about how you can create an experience.


The first step is brainstorming what your end goal is for the campaign. For example, if you want people to try your cooking class, give them a reason to come out in person by holding a contest. Would you please make it so that everyone wants to come out and try your food, like making sure there’s a prize for the winner or having a raffle? Use social media sites to spread the word about your campaign and prizes to get people excited in advance.


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The second step is assessing what you’re going to need. You should always have a location and date, but you may also need staff, music, or catering. If your food is cooked live, it might be hard to do at home for some people.


The third step is executing the marketing strategy. It would help if you made sure that the interested people will get what they came for, whether they won a contest or not. If you run out of food, they won’t come back again to try your cooking class. Make sure everything is set up and ready to go before the campaign starts so you don’t forget anything on the day itself. Promote it heavily in advance with social media sites, emails, and even word-of-mouth to get a good turnout.


The fourth step is evaluation and follow-up. People may or may not come to try your food, but you can always follow up with them later to see if they enjoyed the experience. You may also want to ask people what they liked or didn’t like so you can fix problems and make improvements for future campaigns.


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Once your campaign is over, you can try adding similar events in the future. If it was successful, this could be as simple as adding an extra cooking class or two. If it wasn’t successful, you might want to consider changing the activity to something more enjoyable, focus on a more significant number of people or reevaluate your strategy.



The benefits of experiential marketing for brands


The benefits of experiential marketing for brands include boosting customer satisfaction, getting customer feedback, demonstrating products and services in person, and leading to word-of-mouth promotion due to an actual demonstration (rather than just photos or text).


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Many consumers are hesitant about purchasing a particular product because they do not know if it would meet their needs. With the increased availability of information on the internet and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and various user reviews, there is often still some uncertainty because you can’t fully get a feel for how the product will meet your needs before you have purchased it.


This is where experiential marketing comes in handy. Instead of just trying to sell consumers on the idea of your product, you allow them to try out and see for themselves how it works so that they can get a feel for whether or not it will be able to meet their needs.


How to get started with experiential marketing


The first steps of experiential marketing revolve around brainstorming and coming up with ideas about what you want to do. It’s essential to have a goal in mind before starting because it will help guide your future steps.


Instead of just brainstorming different ideas, try making a list of criteria that you think would be helpful for your goals. For instance, if you want people to try your cooking class, some possible criteria may be holding a competition with a prize, using social media sites to announce the contest and prizes, and getting feedback from attendees after the event.


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Once those criteria have been established, it’s essential to consider what resources will be necessary and what might go wrong. Having realistic expectations is very important because you’re likely to run into some problems and shortfalls. But, on the other hand, if you have enough resources and a good plan, your event can create a lot of success even if failures happen along the way.



Experiential marketing is a great way to get customers engaged with your products and services in person. It can be a lot more engaging than just relying on social media posts or text-based advertising. Still, it’s essential to have some realistic expectations about the process before you start. By planning out what you want from this event, considering what might go wrong, and brainstorming different ideas for making the day successful, you’re well on your way towards success!