How to choose a domain name?

A lot of people are confused about how to choose a domain name for their website.

It can be unclear to find the perfect one, but a few simple steps will help you choose the right domain name for your website. It would help if you first brainstormed potential names and then narrow it down to two or three that seem like they would work well for you. You should also make sure it is relevant to what your site is about and search it on Google to see if someone else has already claimed it!



Here are a few tips for choosing a great domain name:


– Brainstorm potential names and then narrow it down to two or three that seem like they would work well for you.


– Make sure your domain name is relevant to what your site is about. For example, if you sell dog food, would be a great name, but if you sell cars or have a gaming site, that would probably be an awful choice.


– Search the domain name on Google before purchasing to ensure no one else has already claimed it.


– If you are having trouble coming up with a great name for your site, try using a domain search tool like Domainr or Domain Name Generators. These sites search hundreds of domain name registrars at once to find a great one.


– Try using your business name as the domain, for example, or This can be very effective if your business is primarily offline or has a long name.


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– Also, try adding words like “Directory” or “Guide” to your name, for example, or


– To search for domains that are available and not taken already, you can use a domain registrar like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Namecheap.


– If you are not happy with your domain name, you can always change it later. However, it would help if you kept in mind that when you choose a new domain name, make sure it is still relevant to what the business does and search on Google to make sure no one else has chosen it before purchasing.


– Owning the domain name will be important as well. It will help build brand recognition, and it will show that you are committed to your business.


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– Once you have chosen a great domain, make sure to set up hosting with a quality provider like Host Gator or A2 Hosting. This is where your website files will reside, and this is the service you need to get your site up and to run.



Some additional domain name tips:


– If you have a common name or a hard-to-spell name, try adding “-inc”, for example, This can make it easier for people to remember your business.


– (extension) are not the same as .com, .net or any other domain extensions.


– The “www” in a URL is for World Wide Web, and it stands for Some people will type this out in their browser to go to your site instead of typing in your domain name. If you want people to be able to access your site with a shorter URL (so that it’s easier for people to type), then use the “www” and don’t forget the period at the end of it, like so:


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– You should always have an email address related to your site, for example, or


– You should have a different email address if you want people to contact you (and not the other way around). For example, is great for communicating with members and customers, but is more appropriate for people interested in sending you design jobs, writing jobs, or freelance gigs.


– You should have a different email address if you want to create a separate persona through your emails. For example, could be used when communicating with customers, but is a great address to use if you want to send out a newsletter as “Jimmy Barnes” or create an email signature that includes your personal information.


– If you have multiple sites, you will be able to create different CNAME records for each one. This will allow people to see the different URLs instead of being redirected to a single website.


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– You should always have good layouts and CSS code because the look of your site will be what attracts people to your business or keeps them away.


– It is important to make sure you have a custom 404 error page that gives relevant information about why there was an error when they tried to access your page. This is extremely important because otherwise, people will leave.


– You should always have a site map, which is a list of all the pages on your website, and it can be very helpful for people trying to navigate through your site.


– It is also a good idea to write down every link that you have on your site (the navigation links, like the “Home,” “About,” etc. pages, as well as every link that you have on your footer, header, and sidebar), then go through each one of them and check if there is a possibility to shorten it by using a short URL service or otherwise. You should also make sure that any image links that you have are also set up correctly. A few bad links can cause people to leave your site and never come back, so make sure that you have checked everything important to your business.


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– No matter what kind of site you run, it is always better if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s! This means that the design should be different from other sites on the internet, and your content should be unique.


– You should always have a good bio about yourself or your company profile page. This is important because whatever you say about yourself will reflect how people see you as a business owner. This can make the difference in getting new clients and customers to work with you or even just visiting your site.


– A great place to have a blog is at the bottom of your site, where people can get updates about what you are doing or read some of your latest posts. Having a blog will also help showcase your expertise, and this can bring more traffic to your site and show that you know what you are talking about.


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After you have done all of this, you should go through your site and do some testing to ensure that it works well on various browsers. It is also a good idea to use “load time” tools to see how people load your page and its average load time so that you can fix slow page elements or even speed up your pages if you want to. You should also make sure that you have tested your site with all of the most popular screen resolutions and check if there is anything that isn’t fitting properly or could be adjusted in a way to look better on any device. Lastly, it is important to note that this process can be pretty time-consuming, but many tools can help you do this quickly.



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