8 Creative Concepts for Selling More Online with Copywriting

The retail marketplace is constantly evolving. With the rise of online shopping, it’s more important than ever to keep up with trends to capture your market share. The key to success in this business is understanding how people shop for products and cater specifically to their needs. This article will cover some creative concepts that can help you sell more products online by writing copy that speaks directly to potential customers. You’ll be learning tips on writing ad copy, persuasive sales letters, and more!



#1 Give Praise to the Product’s Features


When writing copy, you want to lay out all of the positives for your product so that people can see exactly what they will be receiving when making a purchase. Try using phrases structured in this format: NUMBER + CONCISE DESCRIPTIVE ADJECTIVES + VERB INFINITIVE. For example, if you are selling a waterproof phone case, your phrase would read:


” This phone case is 100% waterproof.”


Get creative with this concept, and highlight the key features of your products by using concise, descriptive, and actionable phrases. By doing so, you will get across the main benefits of your products in an efficient way.


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#2 Create a ‘Sense of Urgency’


You want potential customers to feel like they need to make a purchase “right now”; otherwise, they’ll miss out on something big. One of the best ways to do this is through exclusivity. For example, you can say something like, “Hurry! The sale ends this Friday!” It will create a sense of urgency and help increase conversions because people are less likely to think about their purchases and impulsively buy.


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#3 Work the ‘Pain’ into Your Headlines


Don’t be afraid to use emotional language when writing your headlines. The right words can evoke strong feelings in people and make them want to buy. One of the best ways to do this is by pointing out the negative aspects of not owning your product. Use words like “stop” or “avoid.” For instance, you could write a headline that reads: “Stop spending money on gas & start riding your bike.”


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#4 Create Multiple ‘Sales’ Messages


In addition to using bold words and strong statements, you’ll want to use various phrases to reach out to multiple demographics. Not everyone is going to react the same way when presented with persuasive copy. Instead of focusing on one selling argument, try creating multiple messages that use different types of language to appeal to multiple demographics. Be sure to include “keywords” such as: “regular, only, today, limited time.”


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#5 Use ‘Social Proof’ When You Can


Customers frequently feel more secure purchasing products online when they hear from other customers who have already purchased. You can achieve this by including a testimonial or a list of other companies that have made a purchase. Testimonials are particularly effective because they’re from real people and not just the company selling the product. Make sure to use phrases such as: “As seen on,” “recommended by,” or “tested by.”



#6 Make Personalized Attempts to Connect


Creativity can go a long way with sales copy. One of the most interesting ways to connect with potential customers is by emailing them directly to respond. Do some research beforehand, so you know exactly who your target audience is and send out personalized emails that contain contextually relevant information. For example, if you were selling a baby product and know that your target audience is expecting a child, then send out emails explaining what the baby will need to be comfortable.


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#7 Hijack Trends for Best Results


Is there a popular trend going on right now? If people are talking about one thing right now, you can take advantage of the situation and link it to your product. You can do this by using phrases similar to what others are saying but tailor the statement to your specific product. For example, if a popular trend right now is “unicorns,” you could make a headline that reads:


“A Unicorn In Every Pot!”


You’ll want to use a phrase that will be relevant and easy for your target audience to understand. For example, if you’re selling makeup products, using “unicorns” wouldn’t make sense because it doesn’t relate.



#8 Be Ethical with Your Sales Copy


When writing sales copy, there are some things that you’ll want to avoid to be perceived as more of an authority and less like a scam. You don’t want to mislead your target audience and make false claims, and you also don’t want to lie about the product or make exaggerated claims. Make sure you always back up what is being said with quality information and benefits.



#9 To Recap…


To recap, you’ll want to make sure that your writing is sensical and easy to understand. Deliver information about how copywriting can help increase conversions and provide your potential customers with the knowledge they need to feel secure making a purchase. You also want to provide multiple ‘sales’ messages to appeal to various demographics and use ‘social proof’ to make your product seem popular. You’ll want to make personalized attempts to connect with potential customers & hijack popular trends for the best results. Lastly, you’ll want to avoid misleading your audience and make false claims or lie about the product.