25 reasons to never outsource your copywriting

You may not know what copywriting is, but you’ve seen it. It’s the text on a billboard, in an ad, or on the side of a bus. It writes about your product or service and persuades customers to buy from you instead of someone else. And even if you don’t need help with any of that now, the chances are good that someday soon you will-and. When that day comes, there are some things to keep in mind.


Copywriters aren’t just writers; they’re also marketers who know how to get inside your customer’s heads and persuade them without feeling like they’re being pushed around. Copywriters use language strategically, so readers feel compelled to act on their message because it speaks to them.


1. Copywriting isn’t just “small text” like you see in big print ads and billboards; it’s not short-term persuasive writing designed to sell a specific product or service within a limited period.


2. Writing is an art form while copywriting is a skill that can either be learned or not learned.


3. Copywriting is a creative profession, developing the brand’s voice and tone through the written word.


4. some copywriters specialize in specific industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, government agencies, and law firms. These professionals know how to write for their audience without overselling or underselling their service.


5. A copywriter knows how to write, so customers read the ad, not ignore it because it’s too much or too little information. Not all customers have the same attention span, but they still want to learn about your business before taking action.


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6. Copywriters are experienced in creating eye-catching headlines that catch readers’ attention and draw them into the body copy.


7. Copywriters understand that words written on a page sound different from those spoken aloud or imagined by a person who reads them silently. They know how to create a voice for your company that reflects your company culture.


8. A well-written ad has a simple, clear message that is easy to understand and makes sense. A copywriter can write a text that doesn’t confuse the reader or make them feel overwhelmed; they write concisely, and brevity is their style choice.


9. Good copywriters know how to create content that inspires people and provides them with the information they need for making a buying decision.


10. A copywriter knows how to reach out to customers and build relationships by creating the best customer experience possible.


11. Most copywriters understand SEO basics, so they know how to write content that’s search engine friendly, making it easier for your website visitors to find the information they’re looking for.


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12. Great copywriters can write promotional emails free of mistakes, have the correct tone, and contain the right amount of content, so readers don’t feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed by reading them.


13. The words a copywriter chooses convey an idea or message in a specific tone, setting your company apart from the competition. They help you stand out and develop a unique voice that is personalized for your business.


14. Great copywriters can improve a company’s website conversion rate by incorporating keywords into its content, resulting in more visitors converting into customers who have an interest in buying their products or services.


15. Great copywriters create content that educates customers about your products and services, how they work, why they’re the best choice for people like them. The information helps guide customers through each stage of their buying journey.


16. Experienced copywriters take the time to learn everything about their client’s business practices before putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.


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17. Copywriters are familiar with digital marketing channels beyond Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter hashtags; they understand how to use content marketing to reach their customers through blogging, podcasting, vlogging, eBooks, infographics, landing pages, newsletters, and more.


18. Good copywriters are good listeners and sit with customers to find out what makes them tick. They know how to use the information gathered from customer interviews, focus groups, surveys, and social media conversations in their content campaigns.


19. A good copywriter can create a strong call-to-action that motivates customers to move from the awareness stage of their buying journey to taking the next step in the sales funnel, whether it’s making an appointment with you, signing up for your emails, or purchasing your product or service online.


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20. Copywriters create easy-to-read and understand content, even for your newest customers who haven’t yet spent a lot of time on your website or social media channels.


21. The words a copywriter chooses convey an idea or message in a specific tone, setting your company apart from the competition. They help you stand out and develop a unique voice that is personalized for your business.


22. A good copywriter knows when to include humor in your content and when to avoid it; they know how to make their words work for you in a way that doesn’t seem like an advertisement or sales pitch. They can use humor professionally and tastefully, and they know how to bring your brand’s personality to life with their copy.


23. A good copywriter will create content that makes people feel they need to read it and continue engaging with your company. They keep customers coming back for more, and they help build a community on social media channels where customers can interact with each other and your business.

24. Copywriters know how to drive traffic to your website with compelling headlines, subject lines and email copy that encourages customers to click through from their inboxes to your blog posts or sales pages where they can become a customer.


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25. A great copywriter is a master of the English language with the ability to use words that clearly and concisely communicate a message, a feeling, or a purpose. They help you attract people to your website, specify what makes your business unique from the competition, and turn those new visitors into customers who have an interest in buying from you.





Copywriters are an integral part of your marketing team. Not only do they create the content that you share on social media channels, but they also produce blog posts, email subject lines, and more to help reach your target market. It can be tempting to outsource this vital role in your business to just anyone, but there are many reasons that you should never do it.