Signs You’re Ready For A Career In Digital Marketing

The Internet is a new world. You can live anywhere on Earth and be at your job in the morning without ever leaving home. A new digital marketing agency might be started by two people who met online. An old-school company with decades of experience could be revitalized with fresh ideas from millennial entrepreneurs. Every day we see evidence that the Internet has changed how work gets done, but what does this mean for you?


There are plenty of reasons to get prepared for a career in digital marketing! From world-changing technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to the endless opportunities that come with the Internet, digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after careers in all industries. And if you’re interested in this line of work, it’s never too early to start planning your career path!



You read about digital marketing on the Internet every day.


If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve already started making preparations for a career in digital marketing. People interested in becoming marketers tend to read blogs, forums, and online articles about the industry every day. They might not understand everything they read, but by consistently reading about digital marketing, they are absorbing new ideas and understanding best practices.

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You know what ‘SEO’ stands for… even though you have no idea how it works!


As people who are starting to build a career in internet marketing, many of us have a good idea of what ‘SEO’ stands for. Yet still, there are plenty of people who don’t know. Search Engine Optimization is simply the process of making your website more visible when people search for keywords on Google or another search engine. It involves understanding how websites are indexed and ranked, how to appeal to search engines, and more. If you know what SEO means but don’t know how it works, this is a good sign that you’re ready for a career in digital marketing!


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You read an article about the effects of technology on the economy…but were there by accident.


New technologies like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning are changing how our world operates. It’s been said that these new technologies will create a jobless future in which people don’t have to work anymore! While the full effects of these fields on society are still being realized, you can get ahead of the curve by educating yourself about how these technologies work and what they mean for the future of marketing.



You constantly find yourself asking, “what would Google do?” when making decisions about your career.


When you think about how to make important life choices, like where to go on vacation or which restaurant to choose for lunch, do you often ask yourself, “What would Google do?” If so, you might be ready for a career in digital marketing! Search engines have been the primary gateway to online information for over a decade now. So by using search engines like Google as your guide when making important decisions, you are developing an understanding of how marketers use data and technology to create strategies that meet customer needs.


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You’re constantly writing down new ideas on the back of receipts and business cards.


Every innovation starts as an idea. As you continue to make preparations for a career in digital marketing, you’ll likely be thinking about how to improve existing strategies or discover new ways of reaching customers. If you’re constantly jotting down your ideas whenever they strike, no matter where you are or what the context is, this is a sign that you may be ready for a career in digital marketing!


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You think about ways to improve social media every time you use it.


Since its creation in 2006, social media has become an enormous part of everyday life for businesses and consumers. People who get started in digital marketing tend to think critically about how companies use social media, even when using it themselves! If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I wonder if they would have been more successful if they had posted at a different time…” while scrolling through your Facebook feed, you might be ready for a career in digital marketing.





Being conscious of how digital marketing shapes our world is a sign that you are ready to explore your career options. From Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to how social media is changing everything, there are plenty of reasons why it can be exciting to get started with a career in digital marketing!