Mobile marketing: A new way to reach your customers

Mobile marketing is a new way of reaching your customers. A lot of companies are now using this to promote their products and services on mobile phones. Mobile marketing is one-to-one communication with the customer, making it very effective for promotion purposes. The vast majority of smartphones in use today can process text messages completing them as a quick and easy form of communication!


Marketers can also send mobile coupons and advertisements, which the customer can use to redeem discounts on products and services. Customers can instantly receive text messages and promotional offers and respond accordingly with a click of a button. Why not take advantage of mobile marketing to reach your customers? Mobile marketing is very effective!


The benefits of mobile marketing:

Marketers can reach their customers in a one-to-one manner, which is very effective. They can send text messages and promotional offers on the spot to make people more responsive to their products and services.



How to set up a mobile marketing campaign:

If you want to start a mobile marketing campaign, you need first to choose the type of campaign. There are four types: – text coupons – links or content on your webpage – records your callers’ cell phone numbers – SMS campaigns.



Examples of popular campaigns:

– Wendy’s has a mobile coupon program that allows customers to receive a text message for a 20% discount on their order the same day they visited the location. This helped Wendy’s save money and increase sales! The company received about 6,000 messages per week.


– Starbucks had a mobile coupon campaign called “Pick of the Week”, where customers got free music downloads every Monday with their beverage purchase! This helped them gain more exposure to their brand and increase sales. Customers can continue to get a new free song download with each purchase on Mondays.



What you need to know before starting a campaign: 

Make sure your marketing campaigns are compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It prohibits marketers from using an auto-dialer, prerecorded message, or text to cell phones without the express prior consent of consumers. This includes both landline and wireless numbers. To ensure its legality, you can get a draft copy of your mobile marketing campaign vetted by a lawyer.



How much does it cost?

Mobile marketing campaigns range in price depending on the type of campaign you want to run. For example, text coupon campaigns cost between $5 and $20 per 1,000 messages sent out.



Some pitfalls for marketers:

The biggest pitfall for marketers with mobile marketing is making sure their campaigns are compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This prohibits marketers from using an auto-dialer, prerecorded message, or text to cell phones without the express prior consent of consumers.



Is it worth the time?

Companies that have used mobile marketing say it’s well worth the investment and highly recommend using this form of advertising. With 88% of consumers checking their phones for text messages, they can’t afford to be part of this movement. Mobile campaigns are invaluable tools in an effective marketing strategy and will continue to grow as smartphone use increases.



Resources for marketers on the internet:

Mobile Marketing Association –

Mobile Marketing Magazine –



Article summary: – Describes what mobile marketing is and how much companies can spend on it – Discusses pitfalls for marketers when they run mobile marketing campaigns – Recommends that companies invest in mobile marketing because of its high ROI. – Provides marketers with resources on the internet to find more mobile marketing tips and tricks.




Mobile marketing is a great way to reach your customers and get them excited about your brand and products. It’s quick, easy, and effective at transforming consumers into paying customers. Make sure you do your research before getting started on your mobile campaign so you know what you’re doing is legal and won’t get you in trouble with the law!



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