Google map featured in new format ..!

The Navigation of Google Map, which has a lot of reputation across the country, is in a new model, with the aim of making low-end smartphone users no longer using Google Maps without any interruptions.

The Google Map new version is available soon in the Google Play store in the named as ‘Google Map Go’. The Entry Level smartphones will work well with 512MB or 1 GB of RAM.

There is no major difference Google Map & Google Map Go. But some features will be lower. All the things you need to be Basic can also be found in this Light App. It is also able to act as your navigator.

The Google Apps are already being manufactured by targeting the Indian market. Google is planning to launch the Lite Apps in the backdrop of the best-selling market in the budget phone market in the country.

Gmail Go and Google Assistant Go will be coming soon to play store, which will allow Google Apps to make use of the comfort of people even if they have any smartphone on their own.

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