Telecom companies will break bracket: Troy’s new app!!

Do you feel complicated for coming fraud messages from the bank, travels, brokers, etc., including fraudulent calls and scam of telecom companies? If so, download the Do Not Disturb (DND) mobile app made by Troy. !!
   Yes, everyone does not want the call and the messages from spam or fraud.It cannot easily controllable. So, telecom regulator Troy released ‘DND Mobile App’! Get rid of this app with an annoying call, ease of service that can easily be avoided, so learn more about what apps are available from this app. !!

Your number is safe at DND!

TRAI released the DND App, the app will record your mobile number in its registrar. So, all the advertisements, including fraudulent calls and messages of telecom companies, will not reach you. !!

How it works?

All users have the right to own this DND.Because Troy is a government agency controlling Indian telecom companies. Once your mobile number is registered in this app your mobile number will not be added to the list of ads that can be sent to the telecom companies.

   Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0)- screenshot

Your choice about adds !!

You can choose what kind of commercial advertising and connection you do not want to connect to the DND App. This will stop telecom companies sending you messages. And there is also a chance to change your preferences when you need it. !!

Complaint can be filed. !!

Even if you have registered with this app for the convenience of the customer, you can send a complaint or SMS complaint if you have any irritating adds. After you file a complaint, Troy will also get information about the actions taken on the complaint. !!

Available to all users. !!

This DND app, released by Troy, is available to all Android users and Android users can visit Google PlayStore and search for ‘DND service’.

App Link – Andriod